Coalition presents coalition agreement and aldermen: one woman after all

Nicole Mulder will be the alderman in the new municipal council of Alkmaar on behalf of GroenLinks. As a result, the new college has one woman in its ranks, just like the previous college. She will be responsible for the finances of Alkmaar for the next four years and was previously party leader in Haarlemmermeer and alderman in Heemstede. One of her additional positions is a supervisory director at heritage developer BOEi, which is involved in the redevelopment of the Ringersfabriek and the Slotkwartier in Egmond aan den Hoef.

Former Member of Parliament Joël Voordewind joins the board on behalf of the ChristenUnie. They join the names that were already known: Ad Jongenelen on behalf of BAS, Gijsbert van Iterson Scholten on behalf of the PVDA, Robert te Beest from the CDA, John Hagens for Liveable Alkmaar and Jakob Wedemeijer from the ranks of the SP. Jakob Wedemeijer (52) was a councilor in Heerhugowaard and has become nationally known as alderman of Amsterdam and Eindhoven and daily manager of the Amsterdam-Zuidoost district. Ad Jongenelen was party leader in Heerhugowaard for Citizen Interest and was alderman in the municipality of Langedijk until the merger with Heerhugowaard. Gijsbert van Iterson Scholten, Robert te Beest and John Hagens are already known locally from local politics in Alkmaar.

The new coalition wants to invest further in the municipality of Alkmaar, as can be read in the new coalition agreement. For example, investments are made in culture, sports and public space in the suburbs. For a better environment, the parties sign up to the clean air agreement and there is ample attention for climate, sustainability and greenery.

Public housing is an important topic for the collaborating political parties. Over the next four years, housing construction must be accelerated in order to increase the supply for starters, young people, single people, families, the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

Poverty policy will be intensified and made accessible to a wider group. The seven parties want work to pay off and to reduce the poverty trap. According to the agreement, there must be support for growing youth and children in vulnerable positions who need help and attention. “We show that there is room for everyone in Alkmaar and that everyone is looked after,” the parties say. In the centers outside the city of Alkmaar, the parties want to ensure quality of life, safety and preservation of facilities.

Finally, the parties promise to offer space to all entrepreneurs and to ensure ‘a healthy financial management’. ‘Permanently low costs for our residents’ is a final promise that the residents can remind this coalition of.

The collaborating parties each nominate an alderman, but they will probably all perform the tasks as part-timers.

The new coalition agreement of the seven parties from the Alkmaar city council can be read here.

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