Amphia will move to the Kempenhaeghe gebouw building in 2023

Photo: Amphia

Amphia will remain permanently present in Oosterhout with a broad representation of medical specialisms.

Amphia to the Kempenhaege building

Today Kempenhaeghe – center of expertise for epilepsy, sleep medicine and neurological learning and development disorders – and Amphia finalized the purchase of the Kempenhaeghe building. It concerns the building on Muldersteeg, which is located directly next to the current hospital. Kempenhaeghe is moving its activities to the new location ‘De Prins’ in the heart of Breda.

Local presence

About a quarter of Amphia’s patients come from Oosterhout and the surrounding area. By also keeping many specialisms in Oosterhout, Amphia keeps healthcare easily accessible for the residents of Oosterhout and surrounding places. A regional entrance for care nearby, with the option of referral to Amphia Breda if more complex care is required. As a specialized third-line center for Kempenhaeghe, the care is available for patients from a large region. Thanks to the switch to Breda, the care in Central and West Brabant remains close by for those patients.


Kempenhaeghe has decided to leave the current building in Oosterhout. Together, Amphia and Kempenhaeghe have agreed that Amphia will take over the building. Amphia was already looking for a new home for care in Oosterhout. The current building on Pasteurlaan is too large and outdated. Part of this building is now being used for the reception of refugees from Ukraine. “We are pleased to have found new, suitable housing, close to the residents and general practitioners of Oosterhout and the immediate vicinity,” said Ivo Vergouwen, member of the Amphia Board of Directors.


Preparations for the new Kempenhaeghe location have already started. Kempenhaeghe will leave the Oosterhout building in the course of 2023 and move to the new location. Then the building becomes available for Amphia. In the intervening period, Amphia makes plans for the renovation and furnishing of the care. Until the new building can be taken into use, Amphia will remain in the current hospital. Amphia is in talks with the Municipality of Oosterhout about the development of the entire hospital site on Pasteurlaan.

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