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For the record: Ouder-Amstel Anders (OAA) will respond on May 31, ’22 on behalf of Natural Interest to the draft coalition agreement of OAA, VVD and GrL. That’s not crazy that’s … .

The Natural Interest faction consists of three people’s representatives, right? Or is there an IK party?

The chairman of Natural Interest says:

About the WMO. We believe it is important that the Social Support Act remains affordable and that it is very accessible to the people who need it. Perhaps focus more on information and asking for feedback where things can be done better and more conveniently.

Point health. Commitment to physical and mental health is a plus. We would expect much more effort from the municipality here, because this could lead to cost savings. After all, people need to make less use of facilities. More attention for disabled people and an accessible outdoor space is also part of this.

living. Better align with initiatives in the region. Working together with the neighborhood municipalities and a good legal assessment with regard to measures that you can take locally.

Manage public space. As far as we’re concerned, here’s a little extra. Public space must be safe and green. Making initiatives together with our residents.

Referendum is mentioned at the windmills. We would like to see the referendum regulation updated, which we as a party have already asked about before.

With regard to charging stations for electric cars. We would like to see more of that too. Especially around the malls.

young people. Young people have certainly been the victims of all kinds of cuts in the past in corona. We would like to see a working group in the council to see if we can reach the young people better and give them perspective in our municipality.

And now waste. Our residents have clearly indicated that the way things are going now is not at all satisfactory. We would therefore also like to see a good evaluation and also discuss the waste processor’s contract with the aim of making waste separation as good and easy as possible for our residents, with attention to the elderly who find it difficult to remove the bags. We would like to do this with a good participation process and perhaps learn from other municipalities.

If you have any questions for Natural Interest regarding your input, please contact the party chairperson.

Duivendrecht, June 1, ’22

Chris van der Linden

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