“Zwolle needs other forms of living and more care in the neighborhood” – Weblog Zwolle

Zwolle – Letting residents live in a place that suits them, that’s what people want in Zwolle. This certainly also applies to seniors who increasingly want to live independently and for longer or who are in need of care.

This requires adjustments to the housing supply: more suitable homes for seniors, more and different forms of housing and more places in residential care facilities. At the same time, it requires adjustments in the provision of care and support in the neighbourhood. In order to map out exactly what the needs of seniors in Zwolle are, the municipality has commissioned research. “In this way we are prepared and we can take action on the expected growth of the elderly.”

Growth in the number of elderly people and housing needs

The study shows that the number of elderly people in Zwolle will grow strongly in the coming years. In 2020 there were approximately 22,000 people over 65 in Zwolle, in 2040 this number will increase to almost 31,500.

Until 2030, approximately 10,000 homes will be built in Zwolle. It is important to add a varied range of homes and forms of living for seniors to this. The research also shows a clear need for private rental and owner-occupied housing, in addition to the current supply of social housing. The elderly also need other housing concepts, such as courtyard houses and apartments with a higher quality of living in their home or form of living.


Furthermore, the elderly are looking for various facilities in and around their home. Think of a meeting room or the presence of facilities such as a physiotherapist, home care post or hairdresser. Not all residential complexes meet all these characteristics. Reinforcing the facilities for the elderly in the neighborhood will also require further expansion and expansion in the coming years.

Healthy and dignified aging

The study also confirms the importance of linking up with the spearheads of the Agenda for Vital and Worthy Aging (Seniorenagenda, 2020). This concerns (extra) attention for, for example, positive health, meaningful daily activities, combating loneliness, (informal) care and the neighborhood approach Vital and Safe at Home (VVT). With the Vital and Safe Home campaign, a trained volunteer visits the elderly at home and discusses the wishes and options with them. The volunteer gives advice about, for example, the home, fall prevention and well-being.

Living and Care program

The research into senior housing is part of the Living and Care program that was started at the end of last year by the municipality and partners. A broad and structural collaboration is being set up for this program between the municipality, care and welfare organisations, housing associations and project developers.

The results of the research will be included in the further elaboration of this programme. The results of the study were presented to the council for approval this week and will be presented to the city council.

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