Schiedam station square gets a safe route for people with disabilities

The Stationsplein in Schiedam will soon have so-called guidance lines. This allows people with a visual impairment to take a safe route between the various public transport points at Schiedam Centrum station. In the coming months, many construction activities will take place in this area for Terras aan de Schie and s’MAAK. Partly for this reason, the Municipality of Schiedam attaches great importance to good and safe accessibility of the station, also for people with disabilities. From Monday 30 May, tiles with tactile and observable studs and ribs will be installed for the guide lines.

Guidance lines Station Square

The adjustment with the guidance lines on the Stationsplein and its immediate surroundings will take place in close consultation with the VGR, Association of Disabled Organizations in Rotterdam. VGR secretary Jan Poot, Schiedammer and an expert by experience, is satisfied with the adjustment at the station.

“These adjustments for the blind and partially sighted have already been realized in the station concourse. But those lines stop at the door. It is good that the municipality of Schiedam is making the situation outside of this area easily accessible for everyone. It just took a while.”

Station accessible and safe for everyone

Alderman Marcel Houtkamp of Infrastructure and Mobility states that the station must be accessible and safe for everyone who comes there. “Certainly now that a construction site has been set up. The Stationsplein is the entrance to the center of Schiedam. This must also be a safe departure or arrival point in Schiedam for people with disabilities.”

The work for the guide lines on Stationsplein and the surrounding area will take about a week. Traffic does not need to be diverted. Guide lines will then be installed at the bus platform on the Brandersbrug up to the entrance to the station hall.

Guidance lines provide tactile, auditory and visual support to people with a visual impairment. With proper use and correct application of the markings, the guideline guarantees a safe route.

First step in approach to station area

Installing guidance lines is a first step in the approach to the station area. In November 2021, the city council expressed its ambition for this environment by establishing the Vision for the Station Area. This autumn, together with those involved, a start will be made on a design for the outdoor space in the vicinity of the Schiedam Centrum station.

The Station Area Vision is one of the projects of the SchieDistrict municipal area development. This area development is aimed at ensuring that everyone in Schiedam can live, work, learn, relax and develop well.

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