Groene Hart Practice School expanded with new local and sports equipment

Pupils of the Praktijkschool can’t believe their luck. Not only does Zorg & Dienstverlening have a new, large and well-organized room, there is also a Calisthenics sports equipment in the schoolyard. On Tuesday, both the room and the sports equipment were festively inaugurated.

Previously, Care & Services taught in separate and enclosed spaces. Thanks to a major renovation, a space has now been created in which several teaching methods can be practiced simultaneously under the supervision of a teacher. There is a theory section that can also be set up for activities with visitors from outside the school. Think of organizing a lunch for the elderly in the neighbourhood. There is also a place where students make kitchen aprons on the sewing machine. In addition, there is room to practice practical skills within the various fields of work; a hairdressing salon, a beauty salon, a baby room and a high-low bed.

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“The renovation and furnishing of the new practice room has been very successful. The students also find working in the new space a relief, there are more options and more contemporary materials are used. In addition, the students experience more freedom to develop in the various practical skills,” says Chantal Rijnsburger of the Praktijkschool.

New sports equipment to encourage exercise

In the schoolyard of the Praktijkschool, the students can now let off steam on a Calisthenics sports equipment. Calisthenics is a sport on the rise and growing in popularity. The Praktijkschool has invested in this device because they want to encourage students to exercise more during, before and after school. In collaboration with the Children’s Funds Netherlands foundation, the possibility has arisen to purchase this device partly subsidized and to have it installed.

The device is popular with the students. “I will definitely be using this device. My goal is to swing from high bar to high bar within two weeks”, says Luuk from class 3. When the weather is nice, the device will also be used for gym classes. During the ‘Green’ lessons, students prepared the site for the installation. They therefore played an active role in the construction.

calisthenics sports equipment

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