Technology has taken flight


Technology has really taken off in this area and this is noticeable in almost every household. Not so long ago we thought of certain devices as true science fiction, but now we don’t look at it strange anymore. Five examples of technical gadgets that we have come to consider normal.

Apple Watch

A watch that measures the heart rate, counts your steps and in some cases acts as an extension of the smartphone, it has become an everyday phenomenon. As with old-fashioned watches, you may want to buy a nice, new strap every now and then. Don’t be surprised either, you can order an Apple Watch 7 strap quickly via 123watches. Whether you will ever soon be able to summon your self-driving car with your Apple Watch to show up for driving, as David Hasselhoff already did in the 1980s, is another question.

smart doorbell

Also because we already had an intercom that allowed us to communicate from home with people waiting in front of the front door, a version with a camera is a logical next step. The smart doorbell rings on the screen of the device you are currently working on, or whichever you prefer: the laptop, the smartphone or possibly the Apple Watch. This way you can mess around in the house without missing out on ordered items or a pleasant spontaneous visit.

Digital Weather Station

In the past a barometer hung in the hallway, now a digital weather station is a handy gadget to see if you should water the garden today, go for a walk or if it is a better day to stay indoors. All weather data comes in via a sensor that is hung outside and the device shows at a glance what the weather is expected to be like.

The bluetooth speaker

The familiar transistor radio still exists, many workmen use the device on the construction site to make the work a bit easier with music, news and chatting DJs. A bluetooth speaker through which radio stations from all over the world are received, or with which your own music list is streamed, is a contemporary option. In any case, little else will change: odd jobs and construction continue to be accompanied by different sounds.

Cordless Tools

Talk about building. Drills, electric saws, sanders and other tools: it is rarely connected to a cord. Preferably, handymen buy all devices of the same brand, for which they use one and the same battery. When the job is done professionally, batteries are ordered. The well-known cable tangle may soon be a thing of the past in your household.

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