Red Hat Launches Ansible Automation for Microsoft Azure

Open source solutions provider Red Hat is making Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform generally available on Microsoft Azure. It combines hybrid cloud automation with the features of a managed offering. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure is supported by Red Hat and Microsoft. The offering enables IT organizations to rapidly automate and scale in the cloud with the flexibility to deliver any application anywhere, without additional overhead or complexity.

With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure, customers get low overhead, integrated billing with Microsoft, the latest Ansible Automation Platform features, and packaged cloud content. To get up and running faster, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure customers can leverage out-of-the-box automation content that includes automation processes for Azure. Users can migrate applications and resources as they move to the cloud, accelerating the adoption and value of automation.

Expansion of automation possibilities

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure builds on developments in the Ansible Automation Platform and the evolution of hybrid cloud-scale computing. Ansible Automation Platform 2 introduced standalone automation capabilities to accommodate customers wherever they are. Think of managed service providers, their own data centers, at the edge or on cloud marketplaces such as Azure. The platform’s capabilities for hybrid IT environments make it easier for IT teams to consistently address automation needs across environments and systems.

New capabilities in Ansible Automation Platform 2.2 are available on Azure. For example, Ansible content marking technology validates the automation content that allows IT teams to use a variety of content sources, whether they come from Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections or from the Ansible community. This gives them the assurance that the content is suitable for their organization’s system security and compliance needs.

Partners such as Accenture, CyberArk, F5 and Kyndryl have validated their Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections and experience on Microsoft Azure. This allows customers to run the Collections and playbooks they currently use in the cloud and extend standardized automation content where the work requires it.


Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on Azure is available immediately to all customers in North America, with global availability at short notice. The Ansible Automation Platform 2.2 features are available to customers as a tech preview.

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