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BUT Elderly organization Heuvelrug Senioren adds jeu de boules as a new element to its activities. Thanks to a subsidy from the municipal working group ‘Sport and Social Domain’, she was able to have the two jobs that had been lying at De Twee Marken village hall in Maarn for years refurbished. On Wednesday 18 May at 2 pm, interested parties are welcome at the Trefpunt (in Trompstaete) for an information meeting.

Jeu de boules is a popular sport among the elderly. And also easy to learn for those who haven’t done it before,” says an enthusiastic Erik Tappen of Heuvelrug Senioren.

He continues: ,,We will tell you more during the information meeting. Everyone, including non-members, is welcome. If there is interest, consideration is even being given to organizing a ‘beginner’s course’ for those who have never played pétanque before. The necessary attributes will be provided.”

TO AGREE Naturally, Tappen hopes to get enthusiastic players on their feet. “By establishing the first contact, for example, app groups can be created to make mutual agreements for a game of jeu de boules. It is always nice to have contact with others while the game is being played and that also in the open air.”

The idea doesn’t come out of nowhere. “In July last year, we as Heuvelrug Seniors received a message from the working group ‘Connection sports and social domain of the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug’. Government subsidies were available for ideas that would enable older people in particular to exercise more. Within our board we have seriously thought about this and submitted an application to reactivate the existing, but neglected jeu de boules courts next to De Twee Marken. This would allow us to add a new jeu de boules department to our activity program. We submitted this proposal with the idea of ​​also installing two benches made from the fall wood from Leersum.”

TO MOVE The working group quickly reported that it was enthusiastic: “We think that your initiative contributes to more movement, connection and social contacts. So this fits in nicely with the ambitions that we are pursuing within this working group”, the seniors of Heuvelrug were told. And then the long wait began for the final verdict of all parties involved in the Final Agreement. “And that also worked out positively. In mid-November we heard that a maximum of 3,000 euros was available for the restoration of the jobs and the installation of benches.”

The work was completed last week. And next week the kick-off is in the Trefpunt. “We are also still discussing the possibility of having a jeu de boules set and a rake available on site. A rake to remove the pinecones and a set for those who don’t have one themselves and want to play.” If there is more news to report, for example about the possible ‘beginners course’, this will be published on

by Monique José Timmermans

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