Kampershoek business park receives international sustainability certificate

Business park Kampershoek 2.0 has obtained the BREEAM-NL certificate, with Very Good (3 out of 5 stars) as a result. An official recognition of the sustainable area development of the business park, which is still in full development. Today the certificate was officially awarded.

A healthy living environment for Weert

The municipality focuses on activities, plans and projects that contribute to a healthy environment. Sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship is also part of this and is therefore one of the values ​​that is central to Weert’s strategic vision.

Alderman Wendy van Eijk is happy with the certificate: “For the municipality of Weert, sustainability does not just exist on paper. Sustainability must also be noticeable and visible in practice. The BREEAM-NL certificate for Kampershoek 2.0 is a beautiful and important recognition for the conscious choices we have made. Hopefully, a good example will follow and this will also attract new sustainable companies to Weert.

Business park Kampershoek 2.0
Kampershoek 2.0 is a new business park that is still under development, right next to the A2 and the Ringbaan-North. It will be a mixed, sustainable business park and will provide space for modern industrial, logistics and technical companies. The entire Kampershoek 2.0 business park has now been assessed on several BREEAM aspects. With this certificate, Kampershoek 2.0 is one of the few sustainable business parks in the Netherlands. The bicycle paths on the site are separated from the road, there is a large central water collection and a lot of attention has been paid to flora and fauna. For example, an amphibian tunnel has been constructed, nest boxes have been installed and the living environment for bats and the little owl has been taken into account. Cultural-historical values ​​have also been taken into account in the modern business park: the view of the nearby mill is preserved. Another example is the dynamic LED system for public lighting. The light has a different color at night, so there is less nuisance for bats. In addition, motion sensors are used so that public lighting is only on where it is needed.

About BREEAM and the procedure
BREEAM is the international certification method for a sustainable built environment. Projects are assessed on sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word. Examples are themes such as energy, efficient use of natural resources, safety, environmental quality and a healthy and future-proof living environment. In 2019, the BREEAM project was started by the municipality of Weert, the Energiebureau and Kragten. All kinds of ‘evidence’ was submitted in the procedure to make the sustainability performance of Kampershoek 2.0 demonstrable and measurable. This was subsequently checked and assessed by an independent expert. Finally, a random check is carried out and ultimately the certificate is issued by Rudy van der Helm of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC):

The municipality of Weert shows how it is taking a wonderful step towards a sustainable built environment by setting Kampershoek along this sustainability bar. The BREEAM-NL Area Certificate Very Good is well deserved. And hopefully with this development she can be a great source of inspiration for other municipalities† Rudy van der Helm, Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC)

The score depends on the extent to which the project meets certain sustainability criteria. The ambition for Kampershoek 2.0 was to achieve 3 stars (performance with a score above 55%), or a score of Very Good. That has now worked! Today Rudy van der Helm on behalf of DGBC and Jos Schild (the BREEAM-NL Assessor who assessed the project) presented the certificate to alderman Wendy van Eijk of the municipality of Weert.

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