Criticism of ceiling on subsidy for culture: ‘Ask whether that contributes to diversity and innovation’ | Gouda

For the Vonk Foundation (art and culture) in Waddinxveen, it is highly questionable whether the subsidy ceiling introduced by the municipality contributes to healthy cultural diversity and supports its innovation.

“Now it is not wrong to set limits on expenditure and more money is not the immediate solution to a problem, but setting financial limits is only useful if it is also clear what people expect from that money,” writes chairman Piet Smit to the municipality.

Since this year, Waddinxveen has a single subsidy scheme for culture. Although it describes what falls under this, there are no criteria for cultural policy in the coming four years. “The most important consideration seems to be that people want to set limits to cultural expenditure via a subsidy ceiling,” said the Vonk foreman, who urges a reflection on this.

His foundation believes that cultural policy is only effective and efficient if it becomes clear which organizations the municipal council sees as carriers of the cultural policy implementation program.

Piet Smit explains: ,,That requires clear statements that provide clarity in all directions on what the municipality of Waddinxveen bases its choices on. Transparent and traceable.”

He therefore argues for reasonable financing principles that challenge subsidized cultural organizations to continue to develop and to explore new possibilities. Bottlenecks in business operations, such as building costs and wage increases, must be included in this.

This year, 46 organizations and associations in all kinds of sectors will receive a combined subsidy of almost 3.5 million euros from the municipality of Waddinxveen. That is three tons more than last year due to increased costs and extra activities.

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