Childcare Our Marieke exists 20 years

HUIJBERGEN – On May 2 it will be 20 years ago that Ons Marieke officially started professional childcare in Huijbergen. Based on a vision to support children as much as possible in their development, from motor skills to social and cognitive development, Ons Marieke has also undergone many developments over the years.

After a modest start in 2002 with 6 children, Ons Marieke grew into an organization with 180 children at 3 locations and 16 pedagogical employees in 2011. After the economic crisis also hit the childcare sector hard in 2012, it had to be rebuilt again. In 2017, KC De Boerderie was revived by daughter Pammy van Mierlo, who grew up at Ons Marieke herself. She now runs KC De Boerderie completely independently, although there is of course intensive collaboration with Ons Marieke in a number of areas.

In 2004 Ons Marieke made national headlines because it was one of the first children’s centers in the Netherlands to offer pre-school education (known as VVE) to all children from 1.5-2 years old. This was followed by specializations in the field of language and other cognitive skills, musical training and special attention for social and socio-emotional aspects.

By means of the observation method KIJK! All developments of the children are closely monitored and, if necessary, additional support is provided in a playful way by means of tutoring. The advantage of a day care is that this can take place at several suitable moments in a day, so that more individual attention can be paid if desired.

By creating a relaxed and safe climate in a homely atmosphere where everyone knows each other, the children always feel at home quickly and it feels like one big family for both the children and the management. Great importance is also attached to the idea that a child can also be a child and can develop while playing and doing. This also achieves the best results without too many school methods being applied at pre-school age. For example, watching and talking about ‘little things’ in the meadow is more effective for development than working from a book.

In recent years, the focus for children in all age groups (including BSO!) has increasingly shifted to talent development across the board. It is therefore obvious that the 20th anniversary should also be devoted to talent development.

A number of activities have been planned for the week from 9 to 13 May in consultation with the children of the BSO where everyone can show their talents.

On Whit Monday (June 6), Ons Marieke will join the cultural activities during the Huijberg festive weekend. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., a well-known painter from Huijberg will give a workshop at the children’s farm of Ons Marieke, where everyone is welcome to master the principles and intricacies of painting. Registration for this is required.

From 2 p.m., everyone from the village (and surrounding area), from small to large, is invited to loudly play children’s songs and other Dutch-speaking sing-alongs together, led by a well-known Huijberg disc jockey, on the playground behind the shelter. To ensure that everyone has enough energy for this and has a well-oiled throat, snacks and drinks will be provided during this event.

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