Daily Horoscope May 4 – Wonder if you’re on the right track, Gemini! † Horoscopes


Your career should run smoothly given the involvement of Uranus, your supervisor in that sector. You are one step ahead of managers, the elderly and authorities. There are great opportunities for you, you don’t have to go on a raid yourself. People look up to you.


Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. Information will become available after which you will have to reconsider your opinion. Check instructions before starting or continuing. You may be forced into a higher position that does not appeal to you and curtails your freedom.


It may become apparent that your views differ greatly from those with whom you share your life. Realize that others are entitled to their own ideas. You can learn a lot by being accessible. Do not fight.


You may be unwilling to compromise and become emotional or irritated about it. You can also suddenly find the ground too hot under your feet. Ask yourself if you are doing the right thing.


Take it easy and look at your agenda. Your energy may be lacking and not just yours. Moods can vary today. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, nothing will work. A little pampering can’t hurt.


Travel plans can be cut short because of a family or health problem. The people you come into contact with today may take advantage of your ignorance in a certain area. Carefully consider each proposal.


You can experience strange things when your work goes through an uninteresting phase. What is not well prepared can end up in the soup right now. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. Get rid of the feeling of being opposed.


Plans can change while your energy is lacking. Relax, otherwise the fuses will blow. Put the demands of your work in perspective. Dive into your stock portfolio and make time for relaxation.


Business negotiations are underway; make sure you have the necessary information and know what you are talking about. Don’t be fooled by old views or prejudice. An upcoming trip can trigger fear.


A disappointing response to a request will discourage you; you may even feel insulted. You may need to adjust certain goals. Don’t take the situation too seriously; this period will also pass.


By working smart, you can correct your mistakes or those of a colleague. Have a physical therapist create a schedule that is tailored to your needs. You are more emotionally balanced when you function well physically.


Opportunities increase, prospects improve and success seems assured. A great time to invest extra energy in your future. Assume that everything will be fine if you do your best. Watch your keys and your PIN code.


If your work demands a lot from you and only others benefit from it, you can ask yourself what it is all good for and whether it might be time to look for other work. Stay an outsider today and do something nice.

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