Why Facebook is considering leaving Europe

Update – A spokesperson for Meta indicates that the company has no intention of leaving Europe. “We have absolutely no intention or plans to move out of Europe. But the fact is that Meta, like many other companies, organizations and service providers, depends on data exchange between the EU and the US to continue to offer global services .”

“Like other companies, we follow European laws and regulations and rely on standard contractual clauses, and the associated data protection, to provide our services worldwide. Ultimately, companies need transparent and unambiguous global rules to manage transatlantic data transfers. We are closely monitoring the potential impact on our European services through these developments, along with more than 70 other companies operating in various industries.”

Original post – Facebook and Instagram may disappear from Europe. Parent company Meta writes that it wants to take the services offline for EU countries if the EU does not allow processing the data of Europeans on American servers.

Privacy rules

There are considerably fewer far-reaching privacy regulations in the United States than within the EU. For example, we have the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation) that prescribes all kinds of rules about the privacy of people on the internet. Rules that Meta, among others, must adhere to with its companies.

This time, however, it mainly concerns Privacy Shield (which says more about whether data may be stored on American servers) and an agreement that is used by Meta to put the data of citizens of Europe on its American servers. The EU and Meta seem to be at loggerheads over that agreement, which means that Meta is already preparing for a possible departure from Europe.

Facebook gone

Remarkably, it does not mention WhatsApp, only Facebook and Instagram as services that would then no longer be available. Meta believes that it is crucial for its business to share data, because this allows it to enable its services and specific advertisements. The EU no longer completely agrees with the agreement as it is now, but Meta already seems to warn in this document about what tampering with this agreement could mean for citizens.

A European watchdog is currently investigating Europe’s agreement and legislation. Something that Meta has already tried to challenge, but without success. At the same time, Europe is an important market for Meta, because here, too, millions of users can be found on both social media platforms. Is it just a threat?

And what about the Metaverse?

After all, Meta has simultaneously decided to have the development of the metaverse mainly take place in Europe, which would mean that 10,000 new jobs would be created. At the same time, the same EU regularly fines Facebook, which means that the relationship between the company and the government is not exactly great. But, would it be so bad that Facebook and Instagram will really disappear? In that case, it is to be hoped that Meta will build its metaverse according to the rules that apply on our continent.

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