The secrets behind The Night Watch revealed with technology

The Rijksmuseum has spent the past two years researching the Night Watch before it could be restored. By using new technologies, we now know even more about Rembrandt’s famous painting.

In this episode of BNR Eyeopeners we talk about the technological innovations that allow us to examine our physical and digital art in detail and preserve it in good condition. Which technology is involved?

This broadcast features:

  • Robert Van Langh, head of Science & Conservation at the Rijksmuseum and director of NICAS. Robert is responsible for the research and conservation of The Night Watch.
  • Francien Bossema, PhD candidate at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science and visiting researcher at the Rijksmuseum. Francien looks through art objects with a CT scanner. Through those scans of the inside, we know more about the origin, technique and makers of art.
  • Gaby Wijers, founder and director of LIMA. This organization is involved in the preservation, distribution and research of digital media art. Because digital art does not have an infinite lifespan either. How do we ensure that this art can still be experienced in decades to come as the original work was intended?

Discussed in the episode

  • The bottle in the shape of a shoe and whale, which Francien talks about in the podcast, can be found here.
  • More about the finds and technology used in the investigation of the Night Watch.

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