Saturday at TV Dordrecht: The Dordts Culture Half Hour

The Dordts Cultuur Halfuur is intended as a ‘best of’ programme, with diversity as the main focus. People from the cultural sector can send in video material, or we will visit you to make images. The result? A packed and varied Dordts Culture Half Hour.

What’s in the March edition?

Dordrechts Museum: The Dordrechts Museum has acquired the portrait of Sir Norton Knatchbull from 1667 by Samuel van Hoogstraten from Dordrecht. It is a life-size portrait, one of the most expensive, exclusive and stately ways to paint someone at the time. Curator Sander Paarlberg tells us more about it.

New Music: Luuk Geers is a Dordrecht singer-songwriter. His EP ‘Live uit Gorredijk’ was released on March 4, which also contains this new single: ‘Dingen van de dag’.

Theater: Room B14 is a performance about a nursing home where students live together with the elderly. Creator Paul Mol set a number of appropriate poems to music, which can be heard during the performance. Various Dordrecht musicians are participating in this. Room B14 is an initiative of the Dichterbij Foundation, and can be seen a little later than planned, on April 9 and 10, due to corona, at Dalton College-Overkampweg.

Picture: In Pictura is the exhibition Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic, in which three unique universes come together. TV Dordrecht spoke to the artists behind this special idea. The exhibition Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic can be seen until 27 March.

More new music: Willem ‘t Hart is a Dordrecht former international top model. He is also a musician and producer, and has recently devoted himself fully to this career. In the Dordts Cultuur Halfuur you can see his brand new video clip Free For You.

Dordrechts Museum: The exhibition ‘In the light of Cuyp’ in the Dordrechts Museum was initially supposed to close on 6 March. The successful exhibition about Dordrecht Aelbert Cuyp and his influence on British artists such as Gainsborough, Constable and Turner has now been extended by 2 months until May 8th. As a foretaste, the museum made an online tour during the lockdown. We are now broadcasting part 2.

Grand Prix of Dordt: On Saturday 5 March, the young Rotterdam punk band Voltage Avenue won the final of De Grote Prijs van Dordt. The band wins studio time, a promotional package and, to top it off, a performance at Wantijpop 2022. At the beginning of March they released their new single ‘Homesick’, which you can see in the Cultuur Halfuur.

You can see the Dordts Cultuur Halfuur on Saturday 12 March after the Weekly Overview from 6 p.m. on TV Dordrecht.

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