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The double aging population and dejuvenation in the Netherlands are putting pressure on the sustainability of care for the elderly within 10 years. In addition, this aging is also colored. There is an increasing and more diverse demand for (elderly) care and fewer and fewer people who can actually provide this care. As a result, organizations and governments that are responsible for housing, health and well-being of the elderly and their carers will be faced with important challenges and choices in the coming years.

In various places in the country, hard work is already being done on a more preventive, network-oriented and integrated approach to the theme of aging. In 2020, Pharos made an inventory of work tables in a number of regions. We saw that governments, health insurers, housing associations, care providers and sector organizations are looking for guidance on how to guarantee inclusion and thus to properly shape the challenges surrounding housing, well-being and health for older migrants and older people with a low SES in the near future.

In 2021, Pharos, together with Platform31, supported some local approaches with expertise. There is a need for knowledge development and clarification about the developments: What does this require from housing, welfare, care and public health care? How do we meet the challenge of still offering enough in 10 years’ time? Is that possible within the current possibilities? Who’s next?

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for the people who already have ‘older migrants’ on their agenda. Those who are already working as civil servants, professionals, administrators, volunteers, seniors or policymakers so that migrants can age well.

Why go to this webinar?

You are already committed to older migrants, so why another webinar? Because what you’re doing isn’t easy. Because we know from the figures that housing and care for older migrants is not yet where it should be, even though you work hard for it. Knowing that you are not alone and getting inspiration from others can help you keep going. That’s what this webinar offers. And we will start a conversation about the question of who is responsible for the acceleration that is needed.

Knowing that you are not alone and getting inspiration from others can help you keep going. See also the inspiring interview from Zwolle. That’s what this webinar offers.


This webinar asks the question ‘Who’s next?’ central to the plenary session. In the sub-sessions in the ‘breakout rooms’ you get an idea of ​​what it would look like if the game was already played in the current circumstances. Some of the local approaches now underway for and with older migrants are worthy of being ‘displayed’. Participating in a ‘breakout room’ gives you the opportunity to talk to parties in the country who, perhaps just like you, are committed to quality of life for all elderly people and their informal carers in the Netherlands.

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