Organization Kopje Cultuur wants to bring a special circus to Steenwijk

Kate & Parsi from Finland. Photo: Ray Palacios

Organizing a three-day cultural festival like Kornelis Kopje Cultuur requires a long preparation. The Kopje Cultuur board and the program committee have been working on a program for the 21st edition for several months now.

The contours stand upright: a combination of street theatre, music, stories, poetry, visual arts, dance, photography, etcetera. presented by a mix of enthusiasts and professionals in the monuments, because it is also an open monument day with the theme ‘Sustainability’, unique locations in the Steenwijk fortress.

It will normally be possible again this year to invite international artists. They are eager, after 2 difficult years because of the corona pandemic. Programmer Monique de Boer explains: “Kopje Cultuur works together with other festivals (including Zutphen and Leiden) to spread the costs. Kopje has a good reputation with artists from Finland to Canada because of the special atmosphere in the Fortress and in Rams Woerthe city park. Kate and Parsi from Finland are already booked, they are a couple of spectacular acrobats.”

Special circus

It is also the ambition to bring a very special circus to Kopje. Steenwijk and Kopje Cultuur have traditionally had a special bond with the circus. It then becomes a circus as it appears in a childhood dream, with an intimate tent and caravans where Pipo the Clown could step out of.

Also worry

Yet there are also concerns. Chairman Luc Greven says about this: “The board still faces a major task. Kopje Cultuur is funded by donors, subsidies and sponsors. This makes it free for visitors. The festival has a lot of support in society and therefore also many loyal contributors to the costs. However, sponsors drop out every year and there is a threat of a gap in the coverage of the activities so valued. We have to solve that in the coming months.”

Kopje Cultuur aims to allow as many people as possible to participate or enjoy cultural activities and encourages choirs, music groups, schools, dance clubs, artists, writers, poets and storytellers to present themselves. They can register via † Luc Greven: “One of the goals of Kopje Cultuur is ‘spreading happiness’ and we all want that.”

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