Online: 5000 posters from the global anti-nuclear energy movement

Laka launches a database of nearly 5,000 posters from the global anti-nuclear movement. The database is part of Laka’s ‘special collections‘ – struggle culture of the international anti-nuclear energy movement – ​​which also includes music and comics (graphic novels). In addition to campaigning against the pro-nuclear energy revival in the Netherlands, Laka also has an important function as treasurer of the cultural legacy of the anti-nuclear energy movement: in the Netherlands but also internationally.

Laka itself has a large collection of posters, but has expanded the collection for this database over the years to include images of posters received from other organizations or that can be found on the Internet. All these nearly 5000 posters exist not only as a digital file, but also on paper: that is one of the conditions for being included in this collection. Another condition is that the format must be larger than 21x30cm (A4) to be considered a poster. This poster page also focuses on other online collections of posters from the new social movements and an overview of poster books.

These more than 4900 posters are undoubtedly only a small part of the posters made worldwide against nuclear power plants, uranium mining, radioactive waste, etc.. But it is already a very nice collection that also gives an image of the worldwide struggle. While the vast majority of posters come from Western Europe and North America, there are hundreds from other countries; and that while poster printing is much more difficult in countries where the anti-nuclear energy movement suffers from a lack of infrastructure and financial resources, and often with more repression.

Laka’s online poster collection is a work in progress. And will remain so. We would like to expand it with more and more posters: contribute by sending your posters or images of posters (contact us at In addition, we want to add more and more information about, for example, the campaign of which the poster is a part, or the action or activity to which the poster refers.

Virtually every digital image has been edited: after all, the point is not to show the condition of the posters in our collection, but to show the poster in all its glory. That is why holes, tears and tape residue have been digitally removed and faded colors restored.

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