New technology focuses on women’s health

A multidisciplinary research group from the University of Twente is investigating physical and mental differences between men and women in the case of diseases. Women have different diseases than men, but they also regularly describe other symptoms in diseases that occur in both men and women. Central to the University’s research is the development of technology that can be used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that mainly affect women.

Women have different diseases and conditions than men. Think of cervical cancer or ovarian cancer. But there are also diseases that are significantly more common in women than in men, such as breast cancer and osteoporosis. The multidisciplinary research group wants to make these major differences between men and women concrete and to get a grip on them through technology. It is about developing new data strategies, AI and technologies that are developed especially for and with women.

Improving women’s wellbeing with technology

The aim is to achieve prevention and personalized care for women. The goal is not only tailor-made care, it is also about optimizing self-management, better prevention and diagnosis and improved well-being for women in the physical, mental and social area. The research touches on all phases in a woman’s life from the first menstruation, pregnancy through menopause and beyond. The research can contribute to a greater understanding of the differences between women and men that are expressed in other syndromes, other complaints and ‘dealing differently’ with a disease.

woman’s heart

It is not only in Twente that people are developing technology specifically aimed at women. This happens in many other places as well. For example, researchers from the Catharina Cardiovascular Center and Eindhoven University of Technology have developed a new measuring method that can be used to analyze the resistance and blood flow of the smallest capillaries in the heart. With this technique, the disease referred to as ‘the woman’s heart’ can be better detected. A woman’s heart is all about microvascular dysfunction, an image that shows very specific symptoms. Existing studies do not always provide the correct diagnosis, while this is possible with the new method.

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