Initiative note on housing and care for the elderly

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Agenda and report

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In recent years, care for the elderly in combination with housing has become an increasingly important theme in the Netherlands, also on the agenda of the House of Representatives. The Netherlands is getting older on average. This aging population is only expected to increase in the coming years. Housing policy is an important theme in the field of elderly care. Elderly people often have specific wishes and needs for their home. How do we ensure that suitable homes are found for these elderly people? In recent years, many reports from advisory bodies on this subject have been published. Various initiatives have also been launched. One of the initiatives from the government is the Taskforce Living and Care. The Taskforce aims to tackle the residential care tasking of the elderly in the Netherlands jointly and in an unambiguous way. The Taskforce works together with municipalities, housing associations and care associations to achieve this goal.

Content of the initiative note

The initiators of this memorandum argue for a coherent approach to eliminating the housing shortage for the elderly and for more government control. The initiators want to create forms of housing for and with the elderly and are making various proposals for this. For example, they argue for the abolition of the cost-sharing standard in the Participation Act. Another point is that municipalities draw up housing-life visions. Municipalities and central government must draw up an unambiguous residential care agreement together, is proposed in the memorandum. In addition, the importance of building more is addressed, among other things by giving organizations the opportunity to build.

Government response

The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport has responded positively to many of the initiators’ proposals in a letter. He agrees that an integrated approach is needed for this important issue, but indicates that this approach should mainly be developed at the local level. The Minister also points out the importance of the aforementioned Task Force and various regulations that have been made in recent years, such as the housing and care incentive scheme, to stimulate this local approach. The ultimate goal of the policy is a greater connection between housing and care, which is also advocated by the initiators of the memorandum.

What is an initiative note?

In an initiative memorandum, MPs can raise a policy issue and make proposals for it. The government responds to this note. The memorandum is then discussed by the House of Representatives Committee. The committee concerned discusses the memorandum with the minister in a consultation meeting. Members who speak in these consultations can also submit motions. These motions are voted on in the plenary session, usually in the week after the consultation.

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