How technology is driving more personal interaction in B2B sales

More time for personal contact between the sales team and potential customers.

For companies that want to sell effectively, a personal approach is more important than ever today. But to create space for such personal interactions during the sales process, sales departments must first undergo a digital transformation, so that the sales team is relieved through automation. Manual tasks are therefore a thing of the past.

Sales teams invest in automation

One of the best ways to free up sales reps for face-to-face contact with prospects—and provide those customers with a positive experience—is to automate the sales process. This automation does not aim to replace human workers, but helps them work more effectively by minimizing manual tasks (and associated errors). This allows sales reps to focus on areas of the sales process that require human interaction and quick decision making.

Data entry, contacting existing/potential customers and drafting contracts are the areas where automation is already most often applied. It is clear that most organizations focus their automation efforts on the early steps of the sales process.

Looking at contract drafting, automation can help sales teams streamline the process even more. With full automation, sales reps can insert data and custom clauses from different systems into a predefined template with one click

Teams are exploring options to automate contract drafting

When it comes to automating parts of the sales workflow, we see that companies with 50 or more sales people are much more likely to automate aspects of the sales process than smaller sales teams (1-20 sales people). There are also clear patterns in terms of functions. Field salespeople and sales managers are twice as likely to label their contract drafting and post-sales actions as fully automated than with internal salespeople. In addition, sales managers are 2.5x more likely to believe agreement signing is automated than for field salespeople. This can indicate a contradiction between what managers think is happening and what actually happens.

More personal interaction in sales thanks to automation

Automation of manual workflows is a modern way to increase sales opportunities through personal customer contact. Automation is not something that will disappear; it will only increase. Organizations will find new ways to set up workflows that are faster, cheaper and less error-prone. Once more automation is applied to the B2B sales process, sales teams that integrate it quickly will have more time for personal customer contact and win more deals.

It is not enough to plan to adopt more automation. Automation delivers efficiency gains and organizations will have to think carefully about how they will use it to improve the customer experience and sell more effectively.

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