First OldStars Sports Week Groningen for the elderly

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Tennis and Padel Club Veendam is also participating.

An OldStars Tennis clinic will be organized in Veendam on September 30 as part of the first OldStars Sports Week for the elderly. The week is all about introducing the elderly from the province of Groningen to the diverse range of adapted OldStars sports forms in the Netherlands. Those interested in OldStars Tennis at TPC Veendam can register directly with the contact person Aukje van der Wal, e-mail address: Participation is free.

OldStars Sports Week at Tennis and Padel Club Veendam
From September 25 to October 1, seniors can get acquainted with various modified OldStars games at various sports associations in Groningen for 7 days. In addition, other sports providers are also given the opportunity to organize something. The forms of exercise have been adapted to the over-55s and, in addition to exercise, meeting and social contact are central. On National Elderly Day on October 1, the week will be officially closed at the Corpus den Hoorn sports complex in Groningen. An OldStars Tennis clinic will be given at TPC Veendam.

Program OldStars Tennis in Veendam on Thursday 30 September

  • 09:30 Walk-in with coffee and tea & opening
  • 10:00 a.m. Clinic OldStars Tennis with Tom Okker
  • 11:15 am Closing

The OldStars Sports Week is an initiative of the National Elderly Fund, Menzis, FC Groningen and Huis voor de Sport. It is supported by the province of Groningen. During the OldStars Sportweek, various sports icons, such as Tom Okker, Bettine Vriesekoop and Floris Jan Bovelander, visit the province. More information about the entire programme, times and locations, and the option to register at Huis Voor De Sport Groningen.

OldStars for all the elderly
OldStars is there for all elderly people who want and are able to exercise themselves in sports, at the sports club and in society. Sport is used as a means to allow the elderly to exercise in an accessible way, to bring them together, to participate and to be meaningful within the association or the neighbourhood. At OldStars, all elderly people can easily move, participate, meet and maintain their own control by being active as a supervisor, trainer, game supervisor and/or volunteer. The National Fund for the Elderly, together with partners such as Menzis, VWS, RCOAK, Zabawas and Stichting Sluyterman van Loo, is taking the next step in the development of an elderly-friendly sports environment.

After OldStars walking football, the Elderly Fund has already successfully launched 14 new adapted games for the over-55s, such as OldStars walking hockey, OldStars table tennis, OldStars walking basketball, OldStars tennis, OldStars walking handball and OldStars walking rugby.

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