College comes with Senior Vision due to increasing number of elderly

SLIEDRECHT – This month, the Municipal Executive will present the Seniors’ vision ‘Ageing is an art’ to the city council. The number and proportion of seniors is expected to increase in the coming years. Seniors are occupying an increasingly important place in society. That is why the college has come up with a Seniors Vision.

According to the Municipal Executive, this wish arose from the Executive Board Implementation Program 2018-2022, in which spearheads are ‘Living independently at home for longer’ and ‘Senior friendliness of the village’. In addition, the theme is also explicitly mentioned in Koers 2030.

“Our seniors deserve extra attention. Themes such as informal care, loneliness and life-course building are relevant in this regard and require an integrated approach,” the council writes. The vision for seniors is based on three main themes: housing, well-being and health. The aim is to shape the vision of aging within Sliedrecht.

More than twenty percent of the inhabitants of Sliedrecht are older than 65 and this percentage will increase further in the coming years. The target group of seniors is therefore a target group that we as a municipality cannot and should not overlook. “It is also a very diverse target group, with a wide variety of background, vitality, lifestyle, education level and income position. People with very different needs and interests. THE elder does not exist, despite the fact that the entire target group is generally seen as vulnerable in the image. With the vision for seniors, we also want to emphasize the opportunities that aging offers,” according to the council in the proposal. The purpose of the seniors vision is to shape the vision on aging within Sliedrecht. College: “In the seniors vision, we mainly focus on residents aged 65 and older. Life expectancy is increasing, but the period that is yet to come does not last the same for all residents and does not look the same for everyone. What does apply to every resident is that it is important to think about this next phase of life in time. To become aware of the importance of a suitable home and living environment, but also of the network they can rely on and how they themselves remain vital.” How do you keep control and prepare for (possible) limitations? How do you give meaning to meaning?

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The vision for seniors is based on three main themes: housing, well-being and health. The council writes in the council proposal: “Sliedrecht wants to be a vital village where people can age in a happy and healthy way in a safe environment. A place where people can be themselves, with good (basic) facilities and space to develop. Where the elderly lead an active life, retain control for as long as possible and have access to a suitable safety net if necessary.” Many people and social organizations in the village have contributed to the drafting of the senior citizens’ vision, but the seniors themselves have also made their voices heard. According to the Executive Board, this shows that there is a great deal of commitment to this theme and we can be proud of that. The Senior Vision will be discussed in the decision-making council meeting on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

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