BDO combines international sustainability expertise in BDO Sustainability

There is a growing need for organizations to tackle sustainability. The risks businesses face are increasing and complex as a result of climate change, pandemics, increasing digitalization and disruptions in global logistics chains. With BDO Sustainability, all relevant expertise of BDO, both national and international, is integrated. In the coming period, BDO’s sustainability services will be strengthened and expanded under this banner.

The increasing risks lead to social questions from consumers, investors and politicians. “The call for transparency and accountability on ESG aspects is certainly not new and affects our services directly on a daily basis. As BDO, we have had in-house expertise in areas such as assurance regarding social reporting and advisory services on a specific theme such as making real estate more sustainable. With BDO Sustainability, we integrate, broaden and strengthen these services and are therefore even better able to enter into an integrated discussion with customers about this. It is also our ambition to further develop these services under the banner of BDO Sustainability”, says Chris van den Haak, chairman of BDO Sustainability.

ESG: transition, reporting and assurance

The ESG professionals within BDO help clients with the transition to a more sustainable organization and provide support with the associated reporting and assurance. Adrianca Mens, head of the ESG assurance team at BDO Sustainability: “We have divided our ESG services into the themes of transition, reporting and assurance. In this way we can help organizations with different levels of maturity in the field of sustainability with taking their next steps. Due to the current disruptive social developments, the necessary transition towards greater sustainability is more urgent than ever.”

To give organizations a first insight into where they stand in terms of their sustainability ambitions, BDO has developed the free Sustainability Readiness Tool.

BDO for people and society

BDO is intrinsically highly aware of its social responsibility. It is therefore not without reason that the BDO strategy 2021-2025 is called ‘BDO for people & society’. With this in mind, BDO develops social projects and sustainability initiatives within the BDO Impact Center set up for this purpose, in which our employees are the driving force.

Sustainability/CSR professionals Reporting & Transparency

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