As many elderly as possible will receive a booster before the end of the year | news item

News item | 26-11-2021 | 19:30

Putting the booster sticks is now gaining steam. The aim is to be able to offer as many elderly people as possible a booster before the end of the year. The GGD, RIVM and other parties are starting a booster offensive to this end. Minister Hugo de Jonge of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) decided this today in consultation with RIVM, GGD GHOR, Defense and all other partners.

In October, 3rd injections were started in severely immunocompromised patients. All patients in this group received an invitation from their medical specialist. In total, 220,000 people with a severely weakened immune system have been invited through their medical specialist and 107,000 have already received the 3rd shot.

The boosters for the over-80s have been put in place since last Thursday. Most have received the invitation. Since yesterday, the GGD has been inviting people from 1939. RIVM has now sent 400,000 invitations and 43,000 booster vaccines have been placed with people over 80. There are currently around 110,000 appointments planned.

Since last week, 240,000 vaccines have been ordered for residents and staff of approximately 500 institutions with their own doctor. The first of these have already been set and they will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

The care pricks the care

Hospitals also ordered massive vaccines this week for 300,000 employees with patient contact. As of December 6, 30 hospitals will be set up to boost 42,000 general practitioners and ambulance staff. From Monday 29 November, other healthcare workers with patient contact will also be invited for a booster.


Residents of institutions without a doctor can get a boost from next week with the help of flying teams from the GGD. Approximately 22,000 registrations have been received centrally, and GGDs are also making regional agreements. Most GGDs will start from next Monday instead of January.

Vaccination of elderly people who are not mobile living at home will also start sooner: the first ones have already been vaccinated, the rest will start from next week instead of January. The GP selects and reports the person to the GGD. There are also general practitioners who help with the booster vaccinations by vaccinating themselves at home.

Adults with Down syndrome who live at home can have a booster placed by the GGD from next Friday 3 December. Anyone who lives in an institution will receive an injection there.

Booster offensive with an appeal to those who want and can

In the coming weeks, the GGD and RIVM will do everything they can to be able to offer as many elderly people as possible a booster before the end of the year. With 750 employees, the Ministry of Defense will help with vaccinations (and testing), and we are asking students from MBO to university to help vaccinate as part of their training. With a national call, we ask healthcare workers, the people who helped in the spring, former GGD staff, retired general practitioners and nurses if they would like to help.

The GGD, RIVM and VWS will further elaborate on this in the coming week.

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