Worksuite rebrands to InQommon; Innovative online platform InQommon matches tech professionals worldwide

An innovative business and social matchmaking platform for tech professionals from around the world, active in the fields of technology, innovation, marketing and finance. That’s InQommon. The place to be to make contacts with peers and relevant connections, to exchange knowledge and insights and to generate new tech business. Entrepreneurs Derk Disselhoff (31), Joey Davelaar (29) and Tim Jansen (27), who conceived and realized the platform, know for sure: InQommon will be a great success.

Tech professionals in underrepresented teams, regardless of seniority, often feel like they are working on an island. They have a strong need for contact with peers; to discuss substantive problems and challenges, or, for example, to brainstorm on strategic topics. In practice, these professionals often turn out to have more common interests than just the specific field. Social networking is therefore a nice by-catch.

“You have to see it this way, InQommon is actually a combination of LinkedIn and Tinder,” says Derk Disselhoff. “You will be matched to another tech professional based on your profile and the motivations you have indicated in it. Maybe you are looking for a specific expertise, maybe you want to brainstorm about a certain topic, or you need an investor for a tech project. The system is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an algorithm that is continuously trained. The result is a very high quality match.”

InQommon vh Worksuite
The idea behind InQommon has been around for some time. Derk Disselhoff: “Three years ago, in January 2019, we founded Worksuite. The platform as it was then was mainly aimed at better and cheaper recruitment of data scientists, data engineers, machine learning engineers and developers. With Worksuite we wanted to bridge the gap between hiring manager and expert, without the intervention of recruiters. But over time, it turned out that the platform was mainly used for networking and for linking experts together. That prompted us to change course. Networking and sharing knowledge are now completely central. Hence our name, InQommon. The place where professionals from all over the world have so much in common that they help each other forward.”

Networking in the tech world
Within the tech world, networking in the form of sharing knowledge with peers is even more important than in other fields. Joey Davelaar: “It is a world that is changing at lightning speed. New technologies, new insights, different programming languages, a large set of tools, various online strategies, countless opportunities; sparring with each other has become indispensable if you want to develop yourself within this world. Working digitally makes it even easier to bring experts together; physical distance simply doesn’t matter anymore.”

‘The future of work’
The pandemic has further exacerbated this. Digital meetings using video software have become an integral part of the lives of many professionals. “There are even companies that have set up digital headquarters during the pandemic,” said Joey Davelaar. “Otrium, for example. The theme ‘the future of work’ is now at the top of the agenda for almost all companies. This has given the growth of InQommon a huge boost and contributes to our goal of bringing the tech world even closer together.”

Influx of professionals
After the first big wave of registrations by professionals with a background in data science, AI and development, the InQommon spark spread to people working in digital marketing, product design and innovation. “Recently, more and more finance professionals, (quantitative) traders and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs have been added,” says Joey Davelaar. “We focus on the entire tech world, which also includes entrepreneurs and investors. Our users come from more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and Africa.”

InQommon’s matchmaking system is based on a combination of two technologies. The first is similar to the technology behind Tinder, where user behavior reinforces the recommendation system. The second is similar to the technology behind Amazon, where the algorithm looks at the similarities between different metrics. InQommon continuously measures and analyzes how the platform is used. “We use that data to make our users’ experience even better,” explains Tim Jansen. “It is important to know that the users themselves are responsible for training their algorithm. After every contact via the platform, they feed the system with a rating. Compare it to what you do after an Uber ride. That feedback ensures that the model trains itself and makes better and better matches.”

Users about InQommon
InQommon is used by users for various purposes. On average, they have an online meeting of approximately 45 minutes via the online platform three times a month. Nikki Bueno de Mesquita, Pricing & Data Analyst Manager at Shell, mainly uses InQommon to discuss and validate possible technical solutions with the help of peers regarding dynamic pricing. Marc Jellema, CTO of Innoleaps, uses InQommon to discuss current issues at a strategic level. And Ken Lam, Innovation & Growth expert at The Talent Institute, meets other digital marketers with whom he exchanges knowledge and whom he helps with his expertise in the field of growth marketing. User Ilya Kulyatin, former Quantitative Researcher at Flow Traders and now FinTech entrepreneur, has had follow-up conversations with Quantitative Traders about possible collaborations and potential investments thanks to InQommon.

User Frank Oonk, an Indonesian-born crypto entrepreneur who moved to the Netherlands when he was 12, has a completely different approach: “Now that my crypto business is doing well and I’ve built a beautiful life here, I want to give something back to the place where I used to be. was born: Jakarta.” Frank donates digital wallets (wallets) filled with crypto coins to people who can use them well. “Through InQommon I came into contact with other crypto entrepreneurs with a similar mindset. They helped me further towards my goal. And it went so fast! Within a few minutes I had registered on the platform and ten minutes later I had my first online video meeting scheduled. I didn’t know what happened to me! From that moment on I was sure the match would be good. The team behind InQommon knows exactly what matchmaking and user experience mean. My meetings have always been very valuable so far, because the matches are really relevant. I even had a real-life business dinner with another Dutch crypto entrepreneur.”

According to Joey Davelaar, these examples illustrate very well what InQommon stands for: “InQommon really brings the tech world and professionals closer together. And they need to do relatively little for this, because the platform takes care of the next step autonomously. As the algorithm is fed and trained, the quality of the matches increases even further. We are also investigating the possibility of linking other data sources to the platform. Think, for example, of personality indicator Crystal Knows and the Big Five personality model. The richer the profiles, the better the matches.”

InQommon the coming year
In the coming year, InQommon will continue to focus on product development and user growth, partly driven by external capital. “Over the past 2.5 years, we have raised more than six tons of growth capital from entrepreneurs with experience in tech, HR and matchmaking,” explains Derk Disselhoff. “Given the developments, a new round of growth capital is in line with expectations, so it is only a matter of time.”

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