Woensdrecht works together on a clean environment

MUNICIPALITY OF WOENSDRECHT – Litter, dumping of waste in all kinds of forms: unfortunately it can also be found in the municipality of Woensdrecht. During the national action day of Nederland Schoon, there were therefore also initiatives in our own municipality to make our own environment cleaner again and thus make people more aware of their own behaviour.

In Calfven, Carla Mous set up an action to rid the area of ​​litter. Together with a local resident and two members of PvdA Woensdrecht, who sought affiliation with Carla’s initiative, a total of two garbage bags full of waste were collected. “We started at Café Calfven and then walked via the Maareberg towards the Trambaan and back via the Bergstraat. We encountered a lot of waste. Special finds were a single inline skate, footwear and socks, but also 20 packs of advertising brochures. The number of mouth caps was not too bad, but we did find a lot of plastic, chip bags and cans.” According to Carla, she set up the campaign to make a kind of statement and draw attention to litter. “We all have to be more aware and it is also nice to make you useful for the environment together.”

Full garbage bags
In Woensdrecht, Leo den Heijer set out several times in the past week to clean up the section between the old Zeeland road and the Langeweg in the direction of Woensdrecht. “In total I went down the stretch three times and in this way I was able to fill eight full garbage bags. I saw a lot of cans of Red Bull and packaging from McDonald’s. I don’t really get that. Can’t you just take it home and separate it there? Why do you have to throw it away in nature? You can simply return plastic for free.” A big find this year was a so-called big bag in the ditch. “I couldn’t get it out of the water myself and I drew the attention of the municipality to that. Fortunately, it was indeed removed after a few days.”

In Putte, Huijbergen and Hoogerheide people were also active, alone or together, with clean-up campaigns, such as in Plan de Hoef in Hoogerheide and the Breestraat area in Putte. Among them were members of other political parties, such as VVD and ABZ, who, like the PvdA in Calfven, helped to clean up the environment.

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