With this enormous amount, the healthcare premium will increase in 2023

The health insurance premium will rise in 2023 by a shocking 180 euros per insured person (!). This is apparent from preliminary calculations by the Ministry of Health (VWS).

The health premium of a basic insurance is now an average of 128.30 euros per month. So, if the calculations are correct, that will go to over next year 143 euros per month.

Jan Modaal is having a hard time, because energy and fuel prices have also risen sharply recently. It is yet another setback.

At least 30 euros per month

A family, consisting of two adults and a child, is expected to pay about 30 euros more per month in healthcare costs in 2023. And this only includes the more expensive basic insurance. It is likely that the additional packages will also go up in price.

Only the lowest incomes are (partially) compensated for the higher premium via the health care allowance. The threshold income to be eligible for this is approximately 41,000 euros for benefit partners. The maximum healthcare allowance is now 211 euros per family.

Aging upon aging

The question for many Dutch people is why the health care premium increases by such an enormous amount in one fell swoop. This is not discussed in the purchasing power calculations, but everything points to an explosive increase in health care expenditure.

The population is aging after an aging population: the group of older people is increasing, but also getting older. The number of chronically ill people is also growing and the basic package is being expanded to include new care technologies, medicines and treatments.

Koen Kuijper

All this drives up the total costs considerably. And that has to be paid somehow.

Health insurer decides itself

The government’s calculations refer to a nominal premium, which serves as a guideline for health insurers. Ultimately, the insurer can decide for itself the amount for which the insurance is offered.

There is often some leeway, because insurers can use their financial buffer to cushion the premium. But that doesn’t always happen.

Health insurers have many billions in financial reserves. They are obliged to do this on the basis of European rules in order to be able to continue to pay the bills in difficult financial times.

Koen Kuijper

On 20 September we will know what the final nominal premium will be. On that day, the cabinet will announce the budget for Public Health in the Budget Memorandum.

Collective discount will also expire

Those who have collective health insurance, for example through their employer or sports club, may have to dig even deeper into their pockets next year. As of 2023, it is no longer permitted by law to give a discount on the basic insurance.

Now insurers are still allowed to give a 5 percent discount, which quickly comes down to 6 to 8 euros per month.

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