What is the role and importance of data and design teams within Formula 1?

Formula 1 is not just a matter of getting in the car and doing your laps as fast as possible. Behind the scenes, designing the race cars is a continuous process of properly integrating technological innovations. Formula 1 is therefore not only a racing competition, but also a technology competition driven by advanced data analytics. What about a team like Red Bull Racing?

The premier class is not just about racing violence on the track. For cars and drivers to achieve optimal performance, it is important to achieve the best performance of the team and the car at every possible point. The tough competition in Formula 1 is also very technology-oriented, not really comparable to other top sports in the world. Teams in the premier class have to continuously evaluate, develop and optimize. No detail can simply be overlooked.

Tire strategy up to pit stop moments

Just think of all the possible racing scenarios that are devised by the teams. It ranges from ideal pit stop moments to tire strategy. Everything has to come together for the optimal result. These strategies to choose are on the spot determined on the basis of all kinds of data collected on the track by employees from the data and design teams. This ranges from tire strategy to car set-up.

How is it going in practice?

But how does that work at a team like Red Bull? They have teamed up with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HPE for short, for some time now. That company, specialized in collecting all kinds of data, supports the Austrian racing stable by calculating data faster, performing simulations faster and gaining insights faster in the context of the next race. That in turn contributes to finding a few ten-thousandths of seconds that can ultimately be crucial at the bottom of the line.

CAD, computer-aided design, has an important role to play in this. HPE is an important pivot for the Red Bull team by providing those systems, software and technologies. Those systems make it easier for Red Bull to have millions of data points from every car and driver on the grid. On the basis of this information, the smart minds at Red Bull can perform analyzes and optimize this data. This in turn contributes to the direction and strategy to be determined and ultimately ensures that Max Verstappen can cross the line ahead of his competitors.

Formula E

The role of all this technology is of even greater importance in Formula E, the electric edition of Formula 1. Where in Formula 1 entire teams work on building a car, it is less so in Formula E. Eighty percent of the car is standardized there, so a distinction must be made in the last twenty percent, the software part. The difference in performance therefore lies in the software and the qualities of the team in the field of data analysis. HPE offers its services to the VENTURI Formula E team in that branch. A great deal of effort is put into mastering all technological development and communication between all employees.

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