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As a care organization for the elderly, Florence celebrates a special anniversary in April: the 10th anniversary of the Florence Children’s Home Care. That’s a good time to pause. And that is exactly what Florence does, with a nice gift for the children, their parents and all cooperation partners.

Many people will not directly associate child care with an aged care organization such as Florence. “Nevertheless, we have been offering this care for ten years this year,” says Martijn Verbeek, Director of Care at Florence. “We are also extremely proud that this team is part of our organization. It’s a small team, but they are very important. Because just like the elderly, sick children and their parents also deserve the best of care.”

Specialist care
The care that the children’s home care team offers is highly specialized. “We perform various medical and nursing procedures,” says Chantal van Driel, coordinator at Florence Kinderthuiszorg. “Think of feeding through a tube and administering oxygen to wound care and making sure the medication is administered properly.” The Florence Children’s Home Care Team consists of a permanent team of nurses who visit the parents and the children every day. “We work from our location in Voorburg and cover the entire region. And we work together with our partners Kombino, Crescendo and De Piramide.”

Keeping family life going
Florence Children’s Home Care offers both short-term and long-term care. “Sometimes children need home care for a short period of time, for example in the event of a sudden illness or during rehabilitation,” says Chantal. “We offer long-term care for a chronic illness or disability.” Florence Children’s Home Care also offers terminal care. “We try to be as good as possible for the children and their parents. Sometimes we come to the child’s nursery or school to provide the necessary medical care. We always try to continue family life, as parents and children are used to, as well as possible. Providing information to carers and teachers is also part of this. Together we can ensure that children and their parents can continue to lead the life they love as much as possible.”

The 10th anniversary is celebrated with a gift for the children and their parents. Collaborative partners also receive a nice gift. The team itself is going to celebrate a party together.

About Florence

Twenty thousand inhabitants of the Haaglanden region count on the care professionals of Florence every day. Our 3,300 employees and more than 1,300 volunteers help all these people to continue living the life they love as much as possible. Especially when their health deteriorates.

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