Viaduct under the A28 gets colorful mural – RTV Focus

Zwolle – There will be a special mural in the tunnel under the viaduct of the A28/Bergkloosterweg. The college has approved a colorful design by artist Lonneke van Zutphen. The artwork was designed in consultation with the neighborhood and pays attention to nature, Thomas à Kempis and the history of Berkum. The mural will be realized this year and will be part of the F16 bicycle route, the route of Kunstwegen and the Zielenpad.

Street culture is innovative

Monique Schuttenbeld, alderman for culture: “The mural improves the appearance of the A28 underpass and at the same time makes the history of the area visible to everyone. Under the influence of street culture, we see that the expressions of culture change and renew. Wall paintings are a valuable part of this. They can inspire artists in the city to search for new forms.”

Commemoration Thomas à Kempis

In 2021, the neighborhood took the initiative for a subsidy application for the refurbishment of the underpass under the A28. The initiators wanted to make the tunnel friendlier and safer, while at the same time responding to the commemoration of Thomas à Kempis, who was attached to the nearby Bergklooster as a canon, writer and mystic in the fifteenth century and whose 550th anniversary was commemorated in 2021. The municipality of Zwolle provided the subsidy on the condition that the mural would contain a reference to Thomas à Kempis and the history of Berkum.

Together with the neighborhood

The initiators involved their fellow neighborhood residents in the idea from the start. The neighborhood was asked by means of a survey to contribute typical characteristics of their neighborhood as input for the design. A number of artists who have experience in applying murals were specifically approached for the implementation. Several sketch designs were discussed with the residents, with preference being given to the design by artist Lonneke van Zutphen. The preliminary design was subsequently assessed positively by the Visual Arts Advisory Pool, which advises the Municipality of Zwolle.

Modern graffiti

The advice pool believes that the concept fits well in a modern urban environment and is very suitable for the location. “With pen drawings, the artist refers to drawings with the quill pen, but also to modern graffiti. The solid basic colors of the main images and the friendly colored flowers on the pillars of the viaduct (including the lapwing flower and the Zwolle carnation) achieve their goal, which is to make this place happier and therefore safer.”

The mural is part of a series of improvements that local residents have organized in collaboration with the municipality on the underpass of the A28, such as improving the pedestrian sidewalk and lighting.

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