Transport Online – Toyota develops hydrogen storage module with Toyota Mirai-inspired technology [+video]

Toyota Motor Corporation announces a new hydrogen storage module. The module uses multiple high-pressure hydrogen tanks, known from the hydrogen-electric Toyota Mirai. A concept version of this storage module will be shown starting today at the International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo.

Toyota has been working on initiatives in Japan to realize a hydrogen-based society for some time, including through the sale of hydrogen-electric vehicles such as the first and second-generation Mirai, as well as Fuel Cell systems. As part of this, the 700 bar high-pressure hydrogen tank has been developed for passenger cars. Since then, Toyota has received numerous requests from various logistics sectors (railways, shipping and port freight) who also want to apply the technology in order to be able to take a step in the energy transition. The use of the high-pressure hydrogen tanks in these sectors requires that they meet other safety standards and they must of course also be adapted to the specific use situation.

Wider Applications

The Japanese government is working on a series of studies to further promote the introduction of hydrogen in Japan. Toyota stands ready with various business partners to provide cooperation and support in this regard. Toyota developed this hydrogen storage module that satisfies the safety requirements and that broadens the application possibilities of hydrogen.

Hydrogen and racing

Since last year, Toyota, together with a number of partners, has been conducting several tests for the production, transport and use of hydrogen during the Super Taikyu racing series. Toyota participates in the racing series in several classes, including the ST-Q class in which concept vehicles can race. This weekend, the Toyota Corolla Sport H2 Concept, with a hydrogen combustion engine, will return to action on the Japanese circuit Suzuka.


Especially for this event, it will be tested how the transport of large quantities of hydrogen works with the new hydrogen storage modules. A Fuel Cell truck transports two modules of sixteen tanks each to the event.

More versions

In addition to three variants of hydrogen storage modules that use the tanks from the Mirai, Toyota has also developed a larger module with larger capacity tanks.

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