The new color changing summer collection from SEA’SONS!

And not just any swimwear collection; but a brand new summer collection with surprising color-changing items.

SEA’SONS is the brand where she combines textiles with technology. For example, the first swimming trunks, which can completely change color, were developed by them… This summer they are not only coming with new swimming trunks, but also with new bikini models and colors, T-shirts.

Sea’sons, SS22, owned by the brand.

SEA’SONS is a brand that likes to create an experience for its consumers. Because every SEA’SONS product has a unique property such as color change, you will see that every product ‘lives’ throughout the day. All SEA’SONS products change color throughout the day. Due to temperature changes such as indoor and outdoor, SEA’SONS items will never look the same. With this extra experience, the brand puts a smile on the face of the consumer with each of its products.

Sea’sons, SS22, owned by the brand.

SEA’SONS does not only provide an experience through products that change color. By means of cheerful dynamic product photography and content, they take the consumer into their own adventure. And it is certainly an adventure for the young entrepreneur Tom van Dieren. He founded the company when he was 18 with a successful Kickstarter campaign for the first color-changing swimwear.

Sea’sons, SS22, owned by the brand.

With this collection and campaign, Van Dieren wants to show that clothing doesn’t have to look boring. SEA’SONS is therefore launching 2 new bikinis in 6 different colors with its summer collection. But also 7 new swim trunks with new colors and patterns, 3 new Essentials T-shirts that change 100% color for everyone’s everyday style, and recently launched 4 new color-changed sweaters.

Sea’sons, SS22, owned by the brand.

The brand traveled to Tenerife to get a picture of the new collection. Cheerfulness, togetherness and laughter were central here to capture the essence of the brand. After all, a holiday, sun and beach should be fun!

The SEA’SONS summer collection is now available on its own web shop for consumers. SEA’SONS is now available in approximately 50 stores in the Netherlands. The new collection will also be available in these stores.

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