The Hague – Municipality of The Hague presents ambition documents for sports and culture

Due to the growth of the city, extra bathing water and exercise facilities will be needed in public areas such as Cruijff courts in the coming years. Until 2040, there is also a need for 6 extra sports halls and over 18 hectares of extra sports ground. Much of this will have to be realized in the Vliet zone. The maintenance and sustainability of many club accommodations requires a substantial investment. The basic principle is that this is done in a sober and effective manner.

“Sport and exercise make The Hague stronger. As the city grows, sports facilities must also grow. It is therefore important that residents of The Hague can continue to make use of an accessible sports offer in well-maintained accommodations in an accessible manner. I think it is important that we continue to invest in this in the coming years.”, says alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer

Culture and Libraries

The Hague has the ambition to (re)open 5 new library branches in Moerwijk, Benoordenhout, Spoorwijk, Mariahoeve and Binckhorst in the short term. In order to strengthen the Museum Quarter, in addition to the necessary investments in maintenance, investments will have to be made in the coming period in the Hague Historical Museum, the Eschermuseum location and the redevelopment of the American embassy.

The municipality will investigate the possibilities of realizing a pop-up museum in The Hague Southwest, big names such as the Kunstmuseum, Mauritshuis and Museon see opportunities to experiment with this in the district. To compensate for the current shortage, it is necessary to expand the gross floor area for studios and so-called cultural incubators by approximately 3,000 m2 in the period 2027-2032.

Alderman Robert van Asten: ”A strong cultural and creative sector is of essential value for an open, versatile and connected city. It is important that facilities for culture and libraries are accessible to everyone, because culture is the means to offer a broader view of the world. Anyone who comes into contact with culture learns to step outside their own environment.”

Financial statement

An indicative financial statement is included in the plans. It is estimated that an investment amount of approximately 270 million euros is required for the IHP Sport for the period 2022-2032. For IHP culture and libraries it is estimated that approximately 147 million euros will be needed in the same period. There is currently no coverage for both IHPs within the existing program budget.

Further detailing

There is as yet no concrete implementation plan for the IHPs. The intention is to prioritize on the basis of agreements in the new coalition agreement and to submit a draft implementation plan to the city council of The Hague. The IHPs are dynamic plans that require timely adjustments and adjustments. That is why it is intended, among other things, to carry out additional investigations and to further elaborate policy principles.

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