The benefits of elderly people living at home

As people get older, they may at some point choose not to live at home any longer.

A location change is therefore necessary, whereby the senior moves, for example, to a retirement home. Still, staying at home can offer many benefits to the elderly. Discover in this article why staying at home for the elderly can be much cheaper than choosing a retirement home or nursing home. Incidentally, you should keep in mind that the house must be suitable for this. For example, a standing chair can help with this.

More comfortable
Aging in your own home means you can keep all the comforts of home. Nursing homes can mean smaller living spaces and altered schedules to coincide with the other residents. Live life at your own pace and in your own space by choosing to stay at home. You can sleep in or get up as early as you want, and plan your day based on what you want to do instead of coordinating with lots of other residents. So you will not be bothered by this if you choose to continue living at home when you get older. It is therefore a lot more comfortable!

Getting older but still living at home means you can continue to lead a much more independent lifestyle. You have all your gear and can choose which activities you want to do. You can also decide for yourself when, for example, you go to the supermarket for groceries, although you can of course also do the groceries online from your revolving chair so that they are delivered at home. Either way, living in their own home helps the elderly to remain independent, which is important to many seniors. Unfortunately, they lose this independence when they move into a nursing home.

Family and friends
Perhaps the most beautiful thing about getting older is the opportunity to visit and visit family and friends at any time. In your current home, you probably have neighbors you know and trust. Your family definitely knows where you live, and hopefully they live nearby themselves. Nursing homes and retirement homes often have limited visiting hours and a check-in process, so while it’s feasible, it makes it a bit more difficult for visitors to come and go at ease. If the elderly continue to live at home, it is often easier for them to receive visits from family and friends.

If you live in your own home, you are less likely to be exposed to diseases and conditions, such as the coronavirus. Your immune system weakens as you age, making you more vulnerable to contracting diseases from the many others you would be exposed to in a senior citizen community. You generally do not suffer from this from your relaxing chair, although visitors can of course still bring the diseases inside. You can also contract the flu or the coronavirus if you go to shops or something similar. Nevertheless, it is safer for your health to continue living at home as you get older.

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