“Technology makes the difference every day”

For Freddy Sarkis, the future of greenhouse horticulture revolves around technology. The Leamington resident has seen firsthand how the industry has evolved thanks to innovation. Sarkis exclusively oversees distribution and support for MJ-Tech Fog Systems and Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics.

“Over the years I have built many relationships in the industry,” explains Sarkis. “I’ve always been customer-driven, so my goal is to help growers succeed by looking for ways to constantly improve.” Working only with partners who share this commitment and vision, Sarkis’ guiding passion is to help growers work as efficiently as possible. “It’s great to see how such technologies can help growers excel in their day-to-day operations.”

Both MJ-Tech and Bogaerts have been active in the North American market for years. “The rapidly developing market demands high-tech solutions and we have looked for a partner who fully understands the horticultural sector,” says Ruud van Aperen of MJ-Tech. “Our high-pressure mist systems help growers cool their plants on hot days and regulate humidity levels for an optimal climate. The system is ideal for a wide variety of cultivated crops, including potted plants, cut flowers, cannabis, soft fruits and vegetables, all of which benefit from humidity control and reduced stress.”

Each greenhouse is unique, with different constructions, crops and climate control strategies. But more and more growers have one thing in common: they realize that a high-pressure misting system is an indispensable part of an advanced greenhouse. Several technologies have fueled this awareness, most notably the MJ-Tech Fogging System.

“The 575-600V MPU-40 version was developed specifically for the Canadian market,” Sarkis notes. It is especially valuable because there is no need to invest in a transformer. Most other pressure washer suppliers would require a transformer as they are not 575-600V. In addition, the MJ-Tech Fog System, with local stock, can be configured to order to ensure good delivery times.

At Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics, in addition to pipe rail trolleys, harvesting trolleys and spraying trolleys, the product range also includes ready-to-use logistics automation solutions. With the limited availability of manpower, a major concern for growers, and the scaling up that is taking place in greenhouse horticulture, BGL’s solutions have helped many growers. “With Freddy as a partner, we hope to serve growers across North America,” said Joris Bogaerts, CEO of BGL.

Looking to the future, Sarkis is eager to help more companies expand their presence in North America. “I’ve built great relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers and want to partner with the best technology suppliers in the world to support both established growers and newcomers to the industry.”

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