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Games come in all shapes and sizes. You have games that try to imitate reality as closely as possible or just the opposite. Wobble dogs falls exactly into the latter category, because reality is very hard to find. The game has been available in Early Access for a while, but now it is Wobble dogs available to everyone. We got to work with this 3D simulation game in which you will create your own dogs.

The first time you Wobble dogs start, you get a dog that you first have to take care of. You give your dog a name, provide the animal with food, throw the four-legged friend across the room, in short, everything you would do with a normal dog. It soon becomes clear that it is not a normal dog, but that it looks more like a block of tofu on rubber feet. Still, your first dog is the most normal version you will see in this game, because it is ultimately the intention that you will breed with your dog and that is possible when you get your second dog. Dogs in this game are not normal and so is the way they reproduce. Dogs lay eggs in Wobble dogs and when they reach a certain age, they pupate. They then hang from the ceiling and when they are done they fall to the floor along with a lot of gunk. When the dogs have reached a certain age, they can mate and eventually an egg will form. You can then put this egg in the incubator and eventually several puppies will hatch. You can then choose to cross two puppies and wait to see what comes out of that or you can choose one that you want to continue with in the end. This is essentially true Wobble dogs revolves around.

Of course that sounds a bit boring when we describe it that way, but there is something more to it than just incubating eggs. You also influence the way in which the dogs will evaluate themselves. This way you can keep an eye on the status of the bacteria that live in your dog. These all have different functions and by providing the dogs with certain types of food, they ingest more or less bacteria of a certain type. For example, you can let them eat the poop of another dog, but you can also choose to give them bacon, chicken nuggets or regular dog food. In addition, you will also have to keep the dogs busy, give love and ensure that they take their rest. The environment in which the dogs are located also applies. You start with an empty room, but you soon get the opportunity to decorate the room and ensure that it becomes a true play paradise for your critters. The further you get, the more opportunities you get. Ultimately, it does not stop at one room, but a complete network of spaces is created that you can connect with each other again. But everything you do affects the evolution of the dogs, even if you don’t always know in what way.

Especially the latter sometimes makes it a bit difficult to eventually work towards something. For example, how do you make a dog with extremely long legs, make sure your dog only has two legs or how do you give the beast wings? Almost anything is possible in Wobble dogs, but especially in the beginning it is difficult to determine how to do that. This ensures that impatient people may drop out faster, because the game only really gets fun after quite a few hours of playing. Experimenting with crossing your puppies and adjusting your environment is wonderfully relaxing. Nothing must, everything is possible, is how we can best describe the game.

Wobble dogs managed to surprise us. As far as we’re concerned, it’s not a game that everyone should play, but if you’re looking for a wonderfully relaxing experience, this is definitely worth it. After all, there aren’t that many games where you can express your inner Dr. Frankenstein to come up and play with evolution. If you are even slightly interested, then you certainly don’t have to leave it for the low price of € 19.99.

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