‘Province of Gelderland, declare a climate emergency!’ Arnhem Courier

28 Mar, 15:00


ARNHEM – On Wednesday 6 April, Etske Thie will present a petition to the province of Gelderland on behalf of the Climate Coalition. In it, the province of Gelderland is requested to declare a climate emergency.

The Climate Coalition is very concerned about nature and the climate. She wants the province of Gelderland to declare a climate emergency, so that more action is taken. “Climate and nature really should be number one”, according to the Climate Coalition. “Many governments have already declared a climate emergency. The province of Gelderland, which will largely remain above water with rising sea levels, would then be the first province in the Netherlands to recognize the climate emergency.”

To demonstrate support for this citizens’ initiative, the Climate Coalition has distributed the petition by mail and cards. More support has been requested. You can sign this petition via Climate Emergency Gelderland.petities.nl

Most urgent crisis

“The climate crisis is the most urgent crisis ever. It threatens all life on Earth. Humanity too,” said Etske Thie on behalf of the Arnhem Climate Coalition. “Even the UN has called on governments worldwide to declare a climate emergency. That is not just a symbolic act. With this, you as a government clearly show that you are serious about the climate and that real intervention is needed now. This must also be done at a local level, so also in cities and in Gelderland. Otherwise it will be too late. We are the last generation to stop disruptive climate change.”

a lot of support

In recent weeks, members of the Climate Coalition took to the streets to collect signatures. Many people from Arnhem, Oosterbekers, Nijmegen residents and even day trippers were willing to sign, as it turned out. Etske Thie: “Many people share our concerns about the climate. We were even thanked a few times for our effort.” Many volunteers from agencies have also signed in a personal capacity.

The call to declare a climate emergency complements the Climate Coalition with three demands:

-Be honest about the seriousness of the climate crisis. Inform citizens and companies openly and honestly about the urgency and the drastic measures that are needed.

– Don’t make it a political battle, but join forces and take action together.

– Think in possibilities. Involve citizens. It is possible. Do everything you can and ensure a fair climate policy. Many plans are already in place.

Thie: “We hope that all parties in the province will support our call and indeed decide to declare a climate emergency. Because the ecological climate crisis is not left or right. This transcends all political interests. This is vital.”


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