Nutanix research highlights benefits of hybrid and multicloud as business model

Nutanix, a player in hybrid multicloud computing, presents the findings of its fourth annual Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey. This year measured the progress of enterprise cloud adoption. For the study, IT decision makers in 14 countries were surveyed, including the Netherlands. The results show that the hybrid and multicloud are seen as the ideal business model by 87% of the Dutch respondents. Currently, 17% of Dutch companies use multiple clouds. This is a big step up from last year when only 3% of respondents said they use multiple clouds.

Dutch respondents also indicate that they recognize the value of the multicloud and have plans to quickly deploy such a business model. 64% say they want to start moving to the multicloud within three years. The most frequently cited reasons for moving to the multicloud are improved agility and the belief that it breaks down silos (39%) and better scalability (33%). Additionally, respondents believe it will help them make better use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies (33%).

This year, respondents were asked about the challenges they faced with the cloud, how they currently manage business applications and where they plan to run them in the future. Respondents were also asked about the impact of the pandemic on recent, current and future IT infrastructure decisions and how IT strategy and priorities could change as a result.

The key findings from this year’s ECI report are:

Multicloud adoption in the Netherlands on the rise† While hybrid multicloud is seen as the ideal business model by 87% of Dutch respondents, 17% currently uses multiple clouds. While this is a big increase from the previous year, when only 3% of Dutch companies were using multiple clouds, it does indicate that companies are finding the reality of managing multiple clouds difficult. However, this reality will not go away and IT leaders need to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the cloud. And that is precisely what makes the hybrid multicloud, a business model with both private and public clouds, ideal according to the majority of respondents.

Application mobility is top of mind† Nearly all organizations (98%) have moved one or more applications to a new IT environment in the past 12 months. Although 89% of Dutch respondents indicate that moving a workload to a new cloud environment can be expensive and time-consuming, they see the benefits of this. Respondents most often cite better control over the application (48%) as the reason for the move, followed by faster access to data (36%) and better security/compliance (35%).

Managing inter-cloud costs is the main concern of Dutch companies when using the multicloud. While multicloud adoption in the Netherlands is on the rise, there are also a number of challenges. Respondents indicated that managing multicloud costs is a concern (49%), as well as performance challenges (48%) and data integration (47%).

Security is an important topic for the implementation of hybrid and multicloud environments. 33% of Dutch respondents see security as a challenge when moving to the multicloud. In addition, 40% report that their current environment has security measures in place, but that these need to be improved.

“The Netherlands has made good progress in adopting the hybrid multicloud over the past year, but there are still many challenges,” says Sander Scholten (photo), Regional Sales Director at Nutanix. “The Nutanix portfolio can help solve many of these challenges through its ‘one software stack offering’. This allows customers to maintain control over their environment. In addition, the same security measures can be implemented in the public cloud as on-premises. This eliminates the need for complex updates when moving to multicloud environments.”

For the fourth consecutive year, Vanson Bourne has conducted this research on behalf of Nutanix. Surveying 1,700 IT decision makers from around the world in August and September 2021. Respondents work across multiple industries, different business sizes, and the following regions: Americas; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific Japan (APJ).

To learn more, download the full Enterprise Cloud Index study here:

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