New cybersecurity report from Hornetsecurity cites growing threats from brand impersonation and ransomware leaks

Cybercrime remains one of the biggest threats worldwide, according to a new report from email cloud security and backup provider Hornetsecurity. The 2021/2022 edition of the Cyber ​​Threat Report details the latest insights and data related to the current threat situation, with a focus on email communication. The report examines the evolution of spam and advanced threats, shows which industries are most threatened and identifies the most common attack methods. It also provides an overview of the most crucial cybercrime-related events of the past year.

Hornetsecurity’s Cyber ​​Threat Report is now available to download for free.

40% of all incoming emails are a potential threat

As the most widely used business communication tool, email is also one of the main gateways for cybercrime and remains a significant attack vector. Threat researchers at the Hornetsecurity Security Lab found that 40% of all inbound emails out of total email traffic during the study period posed a potential threat. This includes spam, phishing emails and advanced threats such as CEO fraud and any type of malware.

Phishing, malicious links and ransomware are among the most popular attack tactics used by hackers. Especially ‘brand impersonation’ is popular. To do this, cyber criminals copy a company’s corporate identity and imitate the sender’s address in such a way that it can hardly be distinguished from the original, real email address. Its main purpose is to gain user credentials or spread malware through hidden links. Deutsche Post and DHL are among the top 5 most imitated brands with 16.5%.

Ransom leaks: trend is taking on bigger dimensions.

It was in its infancy two years ago, but now ransom leaks have become commonplace. These attacks are an extension of ransomware campaigns: in ransom leak attacks, sensitive data is first copied and then encrypted. If the targeted victim refuses to pay a ransom for the decryption, the cyber criminals threaten to publish the copied data on their so-called leak websites.

About 140 files have been published on REvil’s ransomware leak website so far, with new ones being added almost daily. Despite this large volume, the hacker group ranks only 5th among leak websites with the most published data on ransomware victims.

In addition to these and other insights into the current state of global cybercrime, the Cyber ​​Threat Report Edition 2021/2022 also provides a preview of possible further developments.

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