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Feb 11, 13:31


DIEMEN – Every four years, the GGD investigates the health and well-being of the inhabitants of Diemen. The health monitor for Adults and the Elderly 2020 shows that 82% of residents of Diemen regard their own health as (very) good. On the other hand, mental health has deteriorated in recent years, the corona crisis has had a major impact on this. Compared to 2016, there are fewer smokers in Diemen, although there are still more people smoking than elsewhere in the region. The figures for overweight and obesity in Diemen do not differ from the rest of the region, but are more favorable than the national figures.

In the autumn of 2020, 1,350 of the 3,553 invited residents of Diemen took part in the survey. This is a response rate of 38%.

Feeling of health usually (very) good

In Diemen, more residents perceive their own health as (very) good (82%) than the average in the Netherlands (79%). Also, fewer inhabitants in Diemen report a long-term illness or condition than the rest of the region and on average in the Netherlands. The elderly and the low-skilled report health problems more often than average. These figures have not changed compared to 2016.

Mental health and loneliness

In 2020 we will see an increase in loneliness in Diemen. The number of people who feel lonely is comparable to the region, but more than the average in the Netherlands. People in Diemen experience stress more often than in the region and in the Netherlands, especially 18 to 34-year-olds. The corona crisis has a major impact on mental and social well-being. Nearly a fifth of the inhabitants of Diemen indicated in the autumn of 2020 that they felt more depressed due to the corona crisis. More than a quarter felt more anxious. This is even more true for 18 to 34 year olds.

‘We find tackling loneliness very important,’ says alderman Jeroen Klaasse. ‘As a municipality, we are affiliated with One against Loneliness and have recently established the Diemen Loneliness Action Plan. We also have an eye for young adults in our municipality. We also have various forms of support for other (mental) health problems that young people experience, such as the online helpline Uptalk.’

living habits

42% of adults in Diemen are overweight or obese. This percentage has not changed in the past ten years. More than eight in ten residents eat vegetables at least five times a week. There is more sport in Diemen than the average in the Netherlands; there is no difference with the rest of the region. In Diemen, 17% of all adults smoke. The good news is that we have seen a downward trend since 2010. During the corona crisis, alcohol consumption has changed among one in four inhabitants of Diemen: 10% say they drink more, 18% have started drinking less, especially 18 to 34-year-olds.

Alderman Klaasse: “Recently, a health broker started in Diemen. She will pay extra attention to actions in the context of the prevention of overweight, smoking and alcohol use.”

About the health monitor

Every four years, the health monitor survey is conducted by the GGD among independently living Amstelland residents aged 18 and older. The 2020 monitor was carried out during the second corona wave (period September 10 to December 16, 2020). The survey therefore specifically asked what the impact of the corona crisis was on a large number of health themes. The results are presented per municipality in a fact sheet. These can be found in the Diemen 2020 health monitor.

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