Many teenagers fear war in the Netherlands, feel fear and anger

Many teenagers in our country are afraid of war and fear that there will also be war in the Netherlands. This concerns almost half of the 10- to 18-year-olds in the Netherlands, UNICEF reports. In March, that organization conducted a survey among more than a thousand children between the ages of 10 and 18. They were asked about the effect of the war in Ukraine on them.

It will not be surprising, but the research showed little positive. For example, almost all teenagers (96 percent) sometimes think about the war in Ukraine, slightly more than half do so often or regularly. Two in three experience “nasty feelings” such as anger, sadness or fear. More than one in three is hopeful that the war will end well.

UNICEF: children fear war in the Netherlands

Children and young people should be able to talk about their concerns at home and at school, UNICEF says. “By taking their feelings seriously, people around them can reduce worries and fears,” says the children’s rights organization.

The research shows that children and young people can share their concerns in their environment: four in five young people talk to their parents about the war in Ukraine and about half discuss the events with their peers. 92 percent of primary school students say that the war in Ukraine is discussed during class. This is 81 percent among secondary school students.

Ukrainian army: hundreds of Kiev residents missed

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army reports that some 400 residents of a suburb of Kiev are missing. That has been the case since the Russians invaded the country in mid-February.

Authorities are currently inspecting basements in the area, among other things, in hopes of tracing the missing. For example, a local doctor has not been heard from for twelve days, since she and her husband were taken away by Russian troops. The bodies of people known to have died have also not yet been found, an army official said.

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Many teenagers fear war in the Netherlands, feel ‘nasty feelings’ such as fear and anger

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