Local residents get a better idea of ​​the intended solar park in Westerlee

Photo: Catharina Glazenburg

WESTERLEE, OUDE PEKELA – On Tuesday evening 19 April, sustainable energy company Pure Energie is organizing an in-depth meeting about the intended solar park in Westerlee in MFC De Binding.

This meeting is the result of the information evening held at the beginning of March. Visualizations provide more insight into the possible landscape integration of the solar park. Practical examples of financial participation are also explained. You can register via the website of Zonnepark Westerlee: www.zonneparkwesterlee.nl. Those who did not attend the information meeting on March 2, 2022 can read the report and presentation that can be found on the solar park’s website.

Deepening the conversation with the environment
Pure Energie attaches great importance to involving the environment in the development of a
solar park. That is why immediate residents were visited, an information meeting was held on 2 March and an in-depth meeting will be held on Tuesday evening 19 April.
organized. During this meeting, the energy company will further discuss the possibilities for landscape integration and financial participation. Environment-specific visualizations were made for the meeting. These are photos from various points in the area in which a specialized agency has drawn the solar park with and without landscape integration. This gives local residents a better idea of ​​what the solar park could look like. In addition, during the in-depth meeting, it is explained how residents of other solar parks deal with their environmental fund and how they design local ownership.

Planning elaboration with the environment in a workgroup
Pure Energie emphasizes that the visualizations are intended to give an impression of what is possible. The landscape integration is further elaborated with the environment in a working group. In this elaboration, account can also be taken of, for example, field birds and other fauna. The working group will also consider subjects such as the design and management of the environmental fund, local ownership and agreements regarding construction traffic.

Of the 45 local residents who attended the information meeting on 2 March, ten people have now registered for the working group. Registration is still possible via info@zonneparkwesterlee.nl. After the in-depth meeting, a date will be set for the first working group meeting.

Everyone who registers is welcome April 19th
The in-depth meeting is accessible to all interested parties who register via the website of the intended solar park: www.zonneparkwesterlee.nl. If you have any questions or comments, you can send an email to info@zonneparkwesterlee.nl or call Rose Headley 06-10647253 (from Monday to Thursday). The meeting is an in-depth study of the information meeting on 2 March. Those who were not present can read the report and presentation of 2 March in preparation.

• Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2022
• Time: start at 19.30, walk-in from 19.00
• Location: MFC De Binding, Sportlaan 4 Oude Pekela


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