Integration specialists are confronted with these trends

Developments in IT have taken a huge flight worldwide. With more and more digital applications and solutions, we are redesigning business processes and changing the way we work, live and communicate. That digitization is wonderful; after all, it makes many aspects of our daily work and life easier and more efficient. However obvious these developments sometimes seem, they are not that simple.

In the trend report ‘A Closer Look at the IT Integration Industry: Today’s and Tomorrow’s Trends’, Enable U zooms in on trends that affect the role of the IT integration specialist amid that multitude of IT applications and applications. The company takes you along in the trend of digitization; a trend that is not new, but has gained momentum due to the corona crisis. We have experienced first-hand how many disparate IT systems, applications and solutions have turned business processes upside down in a very short period of time due to their absolute necessity, such as working from home. The corona crisis has shown how important the role of the IT integration specialist is. All those IT applications are nice and nice, but if systems do not communicate with each other, business processes go awry. It is precisely this abundance of varying IT applications and applications that makes the integration specialist more important for companies than ever.

Issues in the integration field

The report also zooms in on the importance of flexibility in integration issues in a rapidly changing digital world and how important it is to understand your customer. For example, how many systems does a company use? Which systems need to be connected? How do you maintain control of your entire IT infrastructure and what percentage of the applications run on premise or in the cloud? How will that change in the coming years? These are just a few of a deluge of questions about optimal integration in an age of digitization.

Another important trend is the staff shortage. IT staff is already scarce, but if we live and work more and more digitally worldwide, we also need the man and woman power to create, facilitate and maintain that digital world. How do we ensure that? How important is outsourcing IT issues to IT specialists?

Cyber ​​security

Last but not least, all that digital data entails risks. In the trend report we therefore pay attention to the importance of a secure digital environment and how to optimize cybersecurity in integration issues.

Based on a critical look at the trends and developments in the integration field, Enable U guides you through the most important challenges in IT and integration of IT applications. And explain to the company how your organization is preparing for the integration challenges of today and tomorrow. The trend report is available here.

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