Healthcare trends 2022: continue transformation

The global healthcare sector continues to face the new challenges posed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which continues to dominate the focus and resources of healthcare systems. Healthcare professionals are under enormous work pressure and healthcare institutions have great difficulty maintaining non-COVID-19-related care. These are just two examples. Under the pressure of this pandemic, and all the problems and challenges that come with it, a huge shift has been initiated within the healthcare system. This shift will continue in 2022 as well.

Healthcare transformation

The pandemic not only brought exponential progress in medical science, but also an explosion of digital technologies, access to data and analytics. Consumers were becoming better informed, but also more empowered as a result. In addition to the enormous digital transition, healthcare is also undergoing a switch from disease care to prevention and well-being. And that shift is proving to be the catalyst of choice for the clinical, financial and operational transformation that healthcare has long promised the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many existing and/or emerging trends in healthcare. Consider shifting consumer preferences and behaviors, the integration of life sciences within healthcare, rapidly evolving digital health technologies, emerging talent and healthcare delivery models, and clinical innovation. As industry stakeholders and the consumers they serve, they face an unknown world from remote working, virtual doctor visits and a supply chain characterized by shortages of medical supplies, staff and services, the industry is transforming to meet the new challenges.

Six health trends for 2022

In the Global Healthcare Outlook 2022 report (pdf link), Deloitte identifies six trends, or rather challenges, that require full attention in 2022 to ensure the long-awaited transformation of the healthcare sector, which has been pushed in the right direction by the corona pandemic. to be able to continue.

  • Equality in health care: Promoting equality in health care by turning the goal into an action.
  • Mental health and well-being: Mental health care – time to move forward now.
  • Future of medical science: Progress at a rapid rate of change.
  • A New Vision of Public Health: Building a Resilient Public Health Future.
  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG): Decarbonization of healthcare and the path to ‘net-zero’ emissions.
  • Digital transformation and alignment of healthcare delivery models: preparing for a digitally-driven healthcare.

“Healthcare stakeholders need to remain vigilant, nimble and flexible in 2022 to cope with ongoing spikes and dips in endemic COVID-19 cases and deaths and other communicable diseases. We hope that the real legacy of the pandemic is a timely catalyst to kick-start and accelerate many of the long-standing challenges and opportunities arising from the six pressing sector issues facing global healthcare,” said Deloitte.

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