Extra money for Defense? Take it out of the climate budget, the environment can wait: ‘Let it calm down in Ukraine first’

Armored howitzers of the Royal Netherlands Army are put on the train ANP / ANP

Fedde Hoogendoorn

The government plans to invest heavily in defense now that war has broken out in Europe. Where should that money come from? Not from the climate budget? Yes, that’s fine, according to the majority of our readers.

The public has spoken again. 70 percent disagree with the statement ‘extra money for defense should not come at the expense of the climate budget.’ 2641 people have voted.

The majority of the no-voters recognize that there is a climate crisis. ‘But investing in Defense is urgent at the moment’, writes Jeroen Steen from Hilversum. Sam Oudejans from Obdam thinks the same about this: ‘The climate will just have to wait until the weather is calm in the Ukraine.’

The word “priorities” is common among the opponents of the proposition. Wim Huivenaar from Leiden: ‘Financial resources can only be spent once. Priorities must be set.’ That remark could also have come from Gerard Koek from Hoogwoud: ‘Priorities have to be set and not all objectives can be achieved simultaneously.’

Wim Roomeijer from Den Helder keeps it more succinct: ‘Setting priorities.’

Top priority

The yes voters also believe that priorities should be set. Top priorities, that is. Bente (no surname known) from Velserbroek: ‘Climate is not a choice, but a necessity. If we put Defense above climate, there will soon be nothing left to defend.’ Wout Wigmans from Oegstgeest agrees, as does Marcel Jansen from Haarlem: ‘Climate change does not wait and does not care about crisis or war. And catching up later is not an option.’

Monique Lamers from Voorschoten is concerned about future generations if we don’t intervene now: ‘Climate must be top priority. It’s about the future of us and our descendants.’

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous: ‘The climate is a bigger threat than Russia.’

Skeptic, pessimist and climate denier

The opponent also has three other groups: the skeptic, the pessimist and the climate denier. Peter (no surname known) from Den Helder is clearly a skeptic: ‘Climate change is a natural process and cannot be stopped by humans.’

One can also guess which group Fritz Felix from Leiden belongs to: ‘It is ridiculous that so much money is being spent on the invented environmental problem. Defense is much more important.’

The pessimist puts it even more dramatically: ‘The climate is already lost anyway’ (anonymous).

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