Explorer advises coalition talks in Utrecht with GroenLinks, D66, Student & Starter, PvdA and ChristenUnie

Explorer Roel Gurp says that a combination of GroenLinks, D66, PvdA, Student & Starter and ChristenUnie forms a good basis for a new coalition in Utrecht. According to Gurp, the parties agree on many things, including tackling the climate and housing crisis.

Roel van Gurp was appointed by GroenLinks party leader Julia Kleinrensink asked to explore which parties could work together in a college over the next four years. In recent weeks, he has therefore held talks with all parties that won a seat in the city council during the elections.

“I have experienced each and every one of the conversations as valuable and enjoyable conversations, in which ambitions, expectations and wishes for the next coalition were discussed in all openness.”

For example, almost everyone would have labeled the themes of affordable housing and climate as ‘very urgent’, which, according to Gurp, were often mentioned in the same breath as, among other things, equality of opportunity. Much has also been said about the local economy, employment and recovery from the corona crisis.


Based on all those conversations and the election results, in which Utrecht shows a predominantly progressive picture, according to the scout, Gurp says that a combination of GroenLinks, D66, PvdA, Student & Starter and the ChristenUnie forms a good basis for a new coalition. “I therefore recommend starting negotiations with these parties as soon as possible.”

According to the scout, the parties have a ‘broad joint substantive basis’. For example, they all believe that affordable housing must be created in Utrecht quickly, the climate crisis must be tackled and the growing inequality must be combated.

“They are all parties with a strong social face and attention to Utrecht residents who cannot automatically keep up in this time when tensions are increasing worldwide, the taxes are rising sharply and the blow of the corona crisis is still felt for many.”


The Rijnenburg polder has also been discussed with these parties. Gurp believes that the groups should be clear about their plans for this area. “I think there is a good chance that these parties can work out together in a workable and future-oriented way.”

Finally, the scout advises to proceed quickly to the next phase and to start negotiations on a coalition program for the coming years. This phase is also supervised by Gurp.

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