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Apr 4, 07:12


WOOLD – The Gelders Landscape in the Woold has scholten estates with cultural-historical treasures in which history is tangible and tangible. Ronald and Carla’s tea garden, shop and napkin house De Witte Lelie on Hijinkhoekweg add art, craft and beauty to this.

By Leander Grooten

Life partners Ronald Mullié and Carla Dallinga have been living in a farm in the Woold for ten years. He is from Zeeland, she comes from Maasland. Together they wrote a historical novel (‘Ick Roelant’), exhibited their visual art at home and abroad, had an antique shop with a tea garden and made traditional regional products in the Westland (South Holland). In the Achterhoek, their knowledge, art, storytelling and craft come together in and around their farm in the Woold.

Production versus art
In ‘the west’ the couple discovered that they could make delicious chutneys, jams and liqueurs. The products were a hit, became known and the purchase by a national supermarket could just have led to a factory approach to their products. “But just in time we realized that we are also artists,” says Ronald Mullié at the kitchen table of the 19th-century farmhouse. “It got so big that the craft went off.” They decided to take a different tack. “We wanted to go back to basics.” They found it in the Woold.

napkin house
When Carla was looking for suitable wallpaper for the home, she couldn’t find any beautiful designs. A napkin turned out to be the answer: a drawing with blue birds and pink flowers, straight from a book by Jac. P. Thijsse walked. She decided to buy them in large numbers and decorate them with them. The result: walls with a colorful and busy pattern, but neatly and aesthetically applied. Meanwhile, ‘Museum het Servettenhuis’ has been on television several times in lifestyle and living programs and has made it into international trade magazines: “An Italian magazine made a 30-page photo report and we were also published in Germany, France and Belgium. .”

The Napkin House can be visited on Thursday afternoons for 2 euros. Visitors are given a personal tour by Carla through the studios and living areas.

Always striving for beauty
In addition to Dallinga’s ‘wallpaper’, the furnishing of the farm attracts attention. A stuffed pheasant, Roman busts, antlers, a homemade landscape painting, cupboards full of pots, Delft Blue, and an original tympanum from 1660: a story is told in every corner. “We love old things that have life in them and see the beauty in that”, says Ronald, “I am convinced that everything that is beautiful can always go together, no matter how different it looks.” The result in the Napkin House is more than worth it.

Tea and gingerbread in the garden
Once outside, visitors are guided past two Versailles-like elongated ponds towards the vegetable and herb garden. “Carla works here every day. All the teas we serve come from our own country.” For example, mint, lemon balm, rosemary, thyme, and so on grow there. In the orchard, the terrace will be set up from the beginning of April for everyone who wants to enjoy something delicious and nature. “In her life, Carla has baked thousands of gingerbread cookies to a secret family recipe. You buy half a cookie and get a knife, a bag and a board with it. Cut off what you want to eat and take what you have left home with you in the bag,” explains Ronald.

Chutney, liqueur
If you want to take something home with you, you can visit the shop at the tea garden. Teas of all kinds are also available here, as are homemade liqueurs and the jams, chutneys and piccalilli.

“Of course we also sell our art here, such as the book we wrote.” The mix of art, craft and ‘something tasty’ is unique. For the couple, the location in the Woold is the ultimate fusion of hospitality, retail, nature, art and living. “It is who we are on half a hectare and we are happy to share that with others who visit us.”

art magazine
In addition to all this, art projects ‘just continue’, including the magazine RUIS, which Ronald makes. This magazine comes out three times a year and is handmade. “Each edition has a theme, contains a poem and a work of art personally created by me.” The next one comes out in May and has the theme ‘Happiness and Wisdom’. It can be found in the store at Boekhandel Kramer for 24.95 euros. With an annual subscription, subscribers get it sent home in a gift box for a reduced rate. More information can be found at www.ruis.shop for those who are interested.

In May and June, Ronald Mullié will be a guest at the Mennonite Church in Winterswijk with a series of lectures, in which he will embark on a quest for beauty with visitors.

“Art leads to contact between people, just like the tea garden. It is experiencing, discovering, inspiring, showing something and letting you taste something.” They are happy to share this from April 7 at 33 Hijinkhoekweg in the Woold, when the shop and tea garden will open again.

Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Guided tours of the Napkin House can be booked via the website on Thursdays at 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm.


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