Elderly Association: ‘Municipalities must put their hands in their own bosom’ | 1Limburg

The elderly unions do not agree with the image that seniors are the main causes of the crisis in the Limburg housing market.

In doing so, they are responding to the municipalities that indicated in an investigation by the NOS and the regional broadcasters that seniors are the main causes of the housing crisis.

The NOS and the regional broadcasters approached 352 municipalities. Of these, 191, of which 14 from Limburg. According to a majority of the 191 municipalities, seniors have been living in large houses for too long. As a result, young generations cannot lay claim to such housing. Elderly Association ANBO believes that the municipalities should put their hands in their own pockets. “They often have no vision of the changing demographic developments in our country,” the elderly organization writes in a press release.

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With a quarter of a million seniors, KBO-PCOB is the largest organization for the elderly in the Netherlands. The organization believes that the housing crisis should not be put in the shoes of the “home-steady elderly”. “This is partly due to inconsistent policies by local and national governments. Our own studies and the stories we receive show that many seniors would rather live somewhere else.” The ANBO also says that the elderly want to move. “Simply put, there are no suitable homes to move to, in their own neighbourhood, with care nearby and opportunities to meet and help each other where necessary.”

According to the ANBO, the municipalities have been ignoring warnings for years that the Netherlands is changing rapidly and they continue to build family homes. “They often have no vision of the fact that there will soon be many more elderly people in the Netherlands, who also get older and age differently.”

KBO-PCOB says the municipalities have not been fair in the investigation. “A lot of initiatives, such as elderly courtyards, are stranded at municipalities that prefer to spend their land on projects that generate more money. People are also generally not very flexible with all kinds of housing solutions. Municipalities have to be honest about that.”

The survey shows that three in ten municipalities would like to have more powers. The ANBO does not like that. KBO-PCOB says it is happy to start the conversation. “We have been saying for years that buildings should be built for seniors first. This frees up family homes, especially because government policy is to allow seniors to live at home longer. Only then it does not help to point the finger at seniors with the blame. That only has a stigmatizing effect. .”

The results of the survey also showed that housing associations have too little money to build, there is a shortage of building land and buyers with a lot of wealth are driving up prices.

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